The famous reality competition series The Challenge: USA is back on the CBS channel to entertain the viewers and make contestants from different reality shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Love Island and others shows of CBS.

After the exciting season 1 of The Challenge USA, the audience is going to experience more challenges and fun in season 2 with the new cast. The show premiered on CBS in August and has already captivated the audience.

We have mentioned everything that you need to know about The Challenge: USA season 2 from the cast, elimination, dates and more.

About the Show Challenge USA Season 2 

The Challenge USA: Season 2 is a reality competition series airing on CBS. The show is hosted by T. J. Lavin and features TV personalities from other shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.

In the show, contestants are provided a fixed amount to start their accounts for the show. The participants need to go head to head to keep and increase their rewards. The participants are divided into three teams and try to win the challenges.

The team who wins the challenge is safe from the eliminations while contestants from other teams are sent to the elimination zones where they stand against their opposite gender. The contestants who survive all the challenges at the end are declared as the winner of The Challenge USA season 2 and win a grand prize of $500,000.

When does The Challenge USA: Season 2 start?

The Challenge: USA season 2 started at 10 pm on 10 August on the CBS channel.

What night will The Challenge: USA Season 2 air?

The Challenge USA season 2 will air for two nights a week for the first three weeks. Episodes will broadcast on Thursday and Sunday at 10:00 on Thursday and 9:00 on Sunday. Starting from 31 August, Thursday the show will release one episode on its Thursday slot till the end of the season.

When is The Challenge: USA season 2 finale?

The officials of the Challenge: USA season 2 have not released any dates for its finale. Season 1 of The Challenge USA has 12 episodes. So by observing the first season of The Challenge: USA it is estimated that the finale of The Challenge: USA will take place in October probably. 

Who dropped out of The Challenge: USA Season 2?

The contestants who fail to complete the task are voted out for the eliminations and eventually need to drop out from the Challenge: USA season 2. The participants who have dropped out till now are: 

  • Ameerah Jones
  • Jonna Mannion
  • Paulie Calafiore
  • Luis Colon
  • Amanda Garcia
  • Alyssa Lopez
  • Dusty Harris

The Challenge: USA End of Season 2 Interview

In The Challenge: USA season 2 the players who failed to perform the challenges and voted by the other contestants are put in the elimination arena. The contestants who got recently eliminated had interviews where they talked about their experiences on The Challenge: USA season 2. 

How will The Challenge: USA Season 2 work?

The Challenge USA season 2 starts with 24 contestants who have participated in different reality shows. These participants are divided into three teams red, blue and green teams. Each team consists of 7 players who will perform the challenges in the team.

The team that wins the challenge is declared safe and will vote for 1 male and 1 female player for elimination. While the other two teams vote for one player for the elimination arena anonymously or individually. The player who gets voted has a ball with their name written on the ball.

Then the balls are put into a lottery ball machine whose name is drawn out from the machine and needs to face the eliminations against the opposite gender.

The player who won the eliminations has the chance to exchange places with someone from another team. The participant who survives all the challenges is declared as the winner of The Challenge.

Who is in the cast of The Challenge: USA Season 2?

The Challenge USA season 2 streaming on CBS has revealed its cast for season 2. The cast has competed on different reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and The Challenge as well. The 24 cast members featured in season 2 of the Challenge are:

  • Alyssa Lopez (Big Brother, The Challenge: USA)
  • Alyssa Snider (Big Brother)
  • Amanda Garcia (The Challenge MTV)
  • Ameerah Jones (Big Brother)
  • Cassidy Clark (Survivor)
  • Chanelle Howell (Survivor)
  • Chris Underwood (Survivor)
  • Cory Wharton (The Challenge MTV)
  • Desi Williams (Survivor, The Challenge: USA)
  • Dusty Williams (The Amazing Race)
  • Faysal Shafaat (Big Brother, The Challenge MTV)
  • John “Johnny Bananas” Devenanzio (The Challenge MTV)
  • Jonna Mannion Stephens (The Challenge MTV)
  • Josh Martinez (Big Brother, The Challenge MTV)
  • Luis Colon (The Amazing Race)
  • Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor, The Challenge MTV)
  • Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor, The Challenge MTV)
  • Monte Taylor (Big Brother)
  • Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother, The Challenge MTV)
  • Sebastian Noel (Survivor)
  • Tiffany Mitchell (Big Brother, The Challenge: USA)
  • Tori Deal (The Challenge MTV)
  • Tyler Crispen (Big Brother)
  • Wes Bergmann (The Challenge MTV)

Who is the host of The Challenge: USA?

The Famous  BMX Cyclist and TV host T. J. Lavin is the host of The Challenge: USA He has been the host of the MTV The Challenge series since 2005. 

What happened/review/rating in The Challenge: USA Season 1?

The first season of The Challenge USA had a spectacular ending with exciting challenges in the entire season. The plot and drama that contestants brought while performing challenges have captivated the audience.

The Challenge: USA season 1 has 7.0 ratings on IMDb with 83% rotten tomatoes. CBS season 1 started with 24 contestants coming from different reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island, The Amazing Race and some more.

From 24 contestants only 10 participants made it to the finals. The players get a budget to challenge the budget account and then they have to maintain it till the finals. As the show continues one by one players get eliminated or quit.

In season one only Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray were the only finalists who completed all the challenges and won the title of the The Challenge: USA season 1 winner with a cash prize of $500,000.