The Voice is one of the most amazing singing franchises that the world has ever seen. Every season of this franchise is getting highly competitive not only from participants but, from the coaches’ salaries as well.

Coaches of The Voice Australia made huge headlines when they demanded a rise in salary structure. There are more stories to it which we will cover in this article. 

The Voice Australia Coaches 2023: Introducing the Superstar Coaches

Just like its superstar contestants, we do have some superstar coaches on the show. Every season we get to witness famous celebrities (mostly singers) who become the primary coach of that particular season. Similarly, The Voice Australia 2023 has some amazing coaches and we have to agree they are just brilliant ones.

Changes in the Coaching Panel: Keith Urban’s Absence and Jason Derulo’s Arrival

The show will return for a 12th season where we will see Sonia Kruger as the host. The coaches of this upcoming new season of The Voice Australia are Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, and Rita Ora. Yes, this time we are only going to witness only three coaches on The Voice Australia 2023 season 12.

Unfortunately, Keith Urban will not be making a return as a coach for the upcoming season of The Voice Australia 2023. But, another new face in her place has joined the coaches’ panel and he is none other than Jason Derulo. 

How Much Do The Voice Australia Coaches Make?

All the judges or coaches of the show has been receiving enormous salary from the officials of the show. Similarly, all the coaches of the show received different salary structures. But, that did not stay for long as all the judges demanded more than a million salary for the next season onwards.

Keith Urban’s previous season’s salary was as much as $1 million according to some sources but, it was possibly more. Rita Ora was also offered up to $1 million per season and the same for her last season as well.

On the other hand, Guy Sebastian was reportedly making below a million in his last season. It was revealed that Jessica Mauboy had the lowest salary structure in her previous season than any coaches on the show.

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The Voice Au Coaches Salary Compared

Here are the average salary of The Voice Australia coaches in their previous seasons:-

Name Average Salary per season 
Delta Goodrem $2 million 
Guy Sebastian $750,000
Boy George $500,000
Darren McMullenn $250,000
Kelly Rowland $500,000
Keith Urban $1 million 
The Voice Au Coaches’ Salary

The Voice Australia Coaches’ Net Worth

Guy Sebastian – $13 Million

Rita Ora – $30 Million

Jason Derulo – $16 Million

Jessica Mayubo – $6 Million

Who is the highest-paid coach on The Voice Au?

Delta Goodrem is the Highest-Paid Coach with a Salary of $2 Million

What are the changes in Judging Panel for The Voice Au 2023?

This season, Jason Derulo will replace Keith Urban on Judging Panel.