How Many Episodes of Blind Auditions on The Voice?

Very recently, The Voice started premiering its 24th season and it surely is going amazing. It was on May 15, 2023, when the United States Network Television Schedule announced that The Voice would make a return this year.

It seems like they have kept their promise and the show has already aired four blind audition episodes for all the fans and followers. 

The Voice Coaches for Blind AUditions

This time in the 24th season of The Voice we are experiencing some amazing and brilliant talents. Superstar coaches in the show are just amazed to hear the incredible voices of the contestants who are coming to participate.

Further in this article, we will talk about NBC The Voice blind auditions schedule, how many episodes of The Voice Blind Auditions will be there, how many The Voice Auditions are left, selected contestants list from the blind auditions, and many more.

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NBC The Voice Blind Auditions Schedule for Season 24

We know all the fans and followers of the show are highly desperate to watch their close ones give their blind auditions.

The 24th season has only finished four blind auditions and we must say all the contestants who came to participate were amazing and gave jaw-dropping performances before the superstar coaches. 

Here is the schedule of NBC The Voice Blind Auditions:-

Episodes Title Air Date 
1The Blind Auditions Season Premiere 25th September 2023
2The Blind Auditions Part 2 26th September 2023
3The Blind Auditions Part 32nd October 2023
4The Blind Auditions Part 43rd October 2023
5The Blind Auditions Part 59th October 2023
6The Blind Auditions Part 5 Cutdown 10th October 2023
7The Blind Auditions Part 610th October 2023
8The Blind Auditions Part 716th October 2023
9The Blind Auditions Part 7 Cutdown 17th October 2023
The Voice Blind Auditions Schedule

How Many Episodes of The Voice Blind Auditions Will Be There? 

The Voice season 24 started premiering on 25th September 2023. It was the same day when the very first blind auditions of the show started airing. Moreover, blind auditions are what take up the major slots of the show.

All the superstar coaches need to fill their teams with the best contestants and for that, it surely takes some time. There will be nine episodes of Blind Auditions in The Voice season 24. 

Yes, a total of nine blind auditions will be happening this season and among them, four are already completed. After the blind auditions are completed, all the remaining participants will then face The Battles round in the show.

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How Many Episodes of The Voice Blind Auditions Are Left? 

Only five blind auditions of The Voice season 24 are left. The show has already premiered four exclusive blind auditions and featured lots of amazing talents from different parts of the country. 

Fortunately, there are still places in the superstar’s team for more. The fans and followers of the show are highly excited to see the next contestants participating in the blind auditions.

The Voice Confirmed Contestants List from Blind Auditions 

Here are the contestants who have been selected in the Blind Audition rounds of The Voice season 24:-

Episode 1

  • Jordan Rainer- Team Reba 
  • Joslynn Rose- Team Gwen 
  • Deejay Young- Team Legend 
  • Sophia Hoffman- Team Niall 
  • Jackson Snelling- Team Reba 
  • Alexa Wildish- Team Niall 
  • Olivia Minogue- Team Niall 
  • Kristen Brown- Team Gwen 
  • Mara Justine- Team Legend 

Episode 2 

  • Ruby Leigh- Team Reba 
  • Juliette Ojeda- Team Gwen 
  • Julia Roome- Team Niall
  • Jenna Marquis- Team Gwen
  • Ephraim Owens- Team Legend 

Episode 3

  • Stee- Team Legend 
  • Chechi Sarai- Team Gwen 
  • Reid Zingale- Team Niall
  • Claudia B- Team Gwen
  • Mac Royals– Team Reba 
  • Noach Spencer– Team Niall
  • Tom Nitti- Team Reba 
  • Alison Albrecht- Team Reba 
  • Talakai- Team Legend
  • Rudi– Team Gwen 

Episode 4

  • Laura Williams- Team Team Niall
  • Ms Monet- Team Reba 
  • Jason Arcilla- Team Gwen
  • Kaylee Shimizu- Team Niall
  • Bias- Team Gwen
  • Rachele Nguyen- Team Reba 
  • Lvndr- Team Niall
  • Jacquie Roar- Team Gwen

Eliminated Contestants List from The Voice Season 24

Here are the contestants who did not get a single turns for their performance in any of the episodes of the show:-

  • Sam Dearie 
  • Jarred Billups 
  • Ayvio 
  • Gillian Smith 
  • Iceberg 
  • Giuliana Amaral 
  • David Simmons Jr.
  • Walking Eagle 

Special Contestants Who Got Yes From All Coaches 

Here are the contestants who got all yes from all the superstar coaches in The Voice blind auditions:-

  • Jordan Rainer 
  • Alexa Wildish 
  • Mara Justine 
  • Ruby Leigh 
  • Ephraim Owens 
  • Chechi Sarai
  • Mac Royals 
  • Laura Williams 
  • Kaylee Shimizu 
  • Jacquie Roar