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In the previous episode of The Voice we saw contestants from team Jason and team Guy take the stage. Well, now it is time for team Jess and team Rita to compete in the final episode of The Battles. The artists from these two teams will take the epic stage to fight for the last two spots in The Voice Semi-final.

It is going to be a fierce competition but in the same way coaches have to make their ultimate decision as to who would be advancing for the final stages of the competition. 

Rita Ora kicked off the episode with her smashing hit song, ‘Praising You’. With a standing ovation she started her performance. It seemed like it was a special performance that singer Rita Ora had prepared for this episode. Her epic entry onto the stage kept everyone at  their feet including the judges. She announced her new album, ‘You & I’.

Team Rita’s Battles

Tarryn vs. Nyree: “Alone” by Heart

First team to take the stage was from Team Rita. She chose artists Tarryn and Nyree as the first duo who will be taking the stage. Both these mothers have wonderful voices. Fans saw how both these artists were complementing each other.

Rita says that she has put these two together because they both want to do the same thing which is win it for their family and kids. Rita chose the song, ‘Alone’ by Heart which the duo will be singing in the battle round.

Tarryn“Alone” by Heart
Emily“Tainted Love”EmilyLevi
Gezel“Somebody I Used To Know”EmilyGezel (Sing for Your Lives)
The Voice battles 3

Emily vs. Levi: “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell

Both artists agreed to put up a great performance rather than sing each other out. There was a great sense of maturity between these two. Coach Rita Ora hoped that she wanted the both to shine on the big stage. The duo took the stage where fans saw Nyree kicking off the song emotionally.  Both kept a similar tone but with unique voices. 

Their performance was clearly making an impact on everyone out there including the famous coaches. The high notes and the low notes were put together so brilliantly that there was no margin of error in the performance. Yes, their hard work paid off but fate will decide only one among the two who will be advancing for the semi-final. 

Coaches Guy Sebastian and Rita talked about their performance and praised both of them. She said it was an epic battle. Well, it was time for her to choose only one contestant. She chose to take some time to choose her winner for this duo. Host said she could take her time until her battle was over.

Team Jessica’s Battles

Dillon vs. Ezra: “Feel It Still” by Portugal

The battle from team Jessica was between funky frontman Dillon and soul-singing sinister Ezra. Both of them seemed excited and as well as nervous for the battle. Jessica chose the song, ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal for these two guys to sing on the epic stage.

Fans and viewers saw that the duo were rehearsing and both were amazing. Well, it is going to be difficult for the duo. While Dillon was nervous, Ezra felt that there were some parts that she was scared about.

Both of them wanted to advance forward and then we saw the duo take the stage. Confidently starting off the song was Ezra immediately joined by Dillon. This performance was something different because fans not only just heard the beautiful song but also saw a bit of dance from the singers.

Everyone was on their feet already within a few seconds of their performance. The duo sang like extreme professionals which was applauded with a standing ovation throughout by the audience. Coach Jess seemed proud of the duo. 

Guy Sebastian and Jason Derulo praised these two for their performance and how they owned the show. But, it was time for Jessica to make her decision. She chose artist Ezra for the semi-finale stage. It was time for Dillon to say his goodbyes as he had to leave for home. 

Team Jess 

Once again coming up from team Jessica as it was a back-to-back performance from the coach. She paired David and Jade together for her next fierce competition in the show. Both compliment each other. Jessica chose the song, ‘What About Us’ by Pink. She felt that both these singers could connect with this one  but there was a lot of work to put in. Fans saw Jade and David rehearsing a bit in front of their mentor. They both had great vocals. 

The duo  took the stage confidently and wanted to share the story by bringing their emotion through the voice. Both of them were eager to win it. Well, it was time for the battles where Jade kicked off the incredible song. The music was also so brilliant that it created a perfect moment for the fans. David, on the other hand, gave his all as the crowd cheered for the both artists. Thanks to Jessica for giving them a brilliant piece for their battle. 

Coach Rita said that David and Jade put the feels in their performance. Jason was simply wowed by their song and their voice. But, it was time for Jessica to make the difficult decision. She was super proud of the duo. She chose artist David. Congratulations to him as he was the deserving contestant. Jade was sad to go home as her incredible journey came to an end. 

Team Rita

The fight for team Rita’s next round was between Emily and Levi. Both of them are great singers and have amazing vocals that could amaze once again the coaches. Rita complimented Levi saying that he did a great job by standing out with a sax in the previous episode. Emily needed to work a bit harder this time to impress her coach. Rita chose the song, Tainted Love by Soft Cell for this battle. Rita was expecting that this battle is going to be a great one which will also be quite entertaining for the fans as well. 

Both these duo needed to work a lot on this song because it was a tough one. Rita is looking for individuality in this battle. After Taking the stage the song was started by Levi with a low note. Soon Levi was joined by Emily. Coaches seemed proud as they thought they brought out the best version of their performance in this episode. Everyone felt that they had done great justice to this incredible song. As soon as the high notes came everyone was super pumped up. 

Levi, being the youngest contestant, had great hopes in this one. Jason is now super impressed with Emily. But it was time for Rita to choose her favorite artist. Rita chose artist Emily for the semi-final stage while it was the end of Levi’s journey in the show. Emily was surprised that she was the winner. Levi will be having a lot of work to chase his dreams in the future. 

Giann vs. Shyjana: “Hold On” by Justin Bieber

Contestants from Jessica were up next to put up a great show. Jess chose Giann and Shyjana. Yes, both of these female singers are amazing with incredible voices. Jessica paired them together because they can put up a great performance. She chose the song, ‘Hold On’ by Justin Bieber. It was a song that will push both the artists out of their comfort zone. Jessica noticed that during their rehearsals they were struggling with each other. 

Both these artists had a lot to give and just had to do it all with their full potential. Shyjana was the one who started and was soon joined by her competitor Giann. The notes were low at the beginning. Audiences loved how they kept their voices magical throughout the show. Giann made a slight mistake as it seemed like she forgot it was her chance in the middle of the song she paused a bit.

The crowd cheered for the duo. Coach Jess knew to motivate her team member Giann saying that she made a similar mistake sometime back. Shyjana was impressive as well, just like her coach mentioned. She felt that Shyjana was pushing herself to new boundaries. She chose artist Shyjana for the fierce battles that lay ahead in the show. Giann was sent off with a big round of applause. 

Gezel vs. Elsa: “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye

This was the final battle that was between Gezel and Elsa. Gezel is just 12 years old and has got the raspiest voice in the show. Rita chose the song, Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye. Rita chose this song because she wanted her contestants to show off their energy in the show. During the rehearsal of the singers there were some things that needed some work. The performance should be according to the expectations of coach Rita. While Gezel was excited for the show and wanted to win because it would be something that has never been before because of her age. 

The duo took the stage confidently. Starting off the incredible performance was Elsa and was immediately joined by Gezel. Their voices were so great that left everyone speechless. It was being speculated that the show was going to put coach Rita into a difficult decision. The 12-year old was the one who impressed the most because she performed with such maturity. The duo kept receiving loud cheering and applause during the performance. 

Coach Jess seemed super happy about how they put up a great performance. But, it was time for coach Rita to make her ultimate decision in the show. Rita asked her whole team onto the stage which was surprising for The Battles episode. She chose artist Emily through to the semi-finals as she chose her before. Now, there is only one spot left in her team. Two will be going to ‘Sing for their Lives’ stage. She did not choose Gezel and Elsa which meant that Tarryn Nyree for the ‘Sing for your Lives’ stage. 

Tarryn was up first for the sing for your lives. She sang ‘Anyone’ by Demi Lovato on this stage. It was a brilliant choice of song which perfectly matched her personality and her voice. Coach Rita was left speechless after her performance. Her high notes were simply excellent. 

Soon after her was artist Nyree with the song, ‘Forever Young’ by Alphaville. Her emotional voice with a mixture of both high and low pitches made coach Rita difficult to choose her next artist who would be moving forward to the semi-final stage. She chose the artist to join Emily at the semi-finals is Tarryn. Nyree’s journey in the show came to an end. 

Team Jess 

With two spots available in Jessica’s team, there were three winners in her team. The artist chosen for the semi-finals is David. The win of Ezra and Shyjana did not guarantee their position in the semi-finals even though they were the winners. Ezra was up first with the song, ‘’Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen. She chose an amazing piece but as well as a difficult one. It was an energy-full performance. 

Next up was Shyjana with the song, ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon. her low tone was good and could be a plus point as well. But, Jessica was the one who will be making the final decision. Jessica chose artist Ezra who got the second spot next to David in the semi-final. It was the goodbye moment for Shyjana. She will not stop until she has chased her dreams. Now, there are top 8 semi-finalists. 

  • Ethan and Callum (Team Jason)
  • David and Ezra (Team Jess)
  • Charlie and Bella (Team Guy)