AGT All-stars Voting 2023

The Winter season of America’s Got Talent is back for its new season AGT all stars where legends from throughout the Got Talent Universe will compete with each other to win the Golden Buzzer & advance to the next episode.

In the brand new season of AGT All stars, 10 contestants will perform every week with elimination each week. Those who are following the AGT all-stars eagerly wish to cast their vote for their favorite contestants & here they will be having the opportunity to vote for their favorite act & promote them to finals.

AGT voting for the winner will also be done in the final episode to conclude the prime winner of AGT all-stars.

AGT All stars Voting Process: How it Works?

Here is the process of how you can vote for your favorite act on AGT all-stars: To submit your votes to the acts, an Overnight Voting Window is created for the viewers where you can easily cast your vote for your favorite act and make them the winner of America’s Got Talent. Once this window closes, your vote will not be counted.

To vote and save on AGT All-Stars, you’ll need to set up a viewer Profile, It’s been quite easy to vote and save on America’s Got Talent App or on

You’ll need to set up an NBC Universal Profile so that you can choose your favorite artists and cast your votes when the Live Shows begin!

Who can vote for AGT all-stars?

This time, the viewers are quite frustrated & claimed that the show has been loosing it’s credibility due to voting changes. But, what are they ??? Let’s discover & know what NBC says on this :

America’s Got Talent: All Stars, voting is not open to the public. Advancing talent from each round is determined :by the Golden Buzzers along with a select group of “superfans” from across the country

That means, only superfans could cast their votes. The decision has been criticized widely & NBC might change their opinion of voting changes.

Different Modes to Vote your favorites on Winter AGT all stars 2023

All the eligible viewers can vote and save the contestants with the help of provided voting methods. Whether you’re voting for Avery Dixon or any other favorite star, there are two ways to vote for AGT all stars 2023:

Vote Using Mobile App

It’s possible to vote for your favorite contestants on AGT All Stars via a variety of methods, including the official app. Keep coming back to the site for updates as Voting Day approaches!

  • You can cast your vote with the tap of a button on AGT Official App.
  • AGT all stars has an official app that can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free.
  • You can cast up to 10 votes with this method.

Vote using

Go to and register. Then you simply click on the artist you wish to vote for and assign that artist the number of votes you wish to cast. Then click the “Cast Your Vote” button. In 2022, this voting method allows up to 10 votes per email address.

America’s Got Talent Voting Window

America’s Got Talent Voting opens at the beginning of the show Tuesdays and closes at 7am ET on Wednesdays. If you are a superfan & wish to vote for AGT all-stars, be active during this period.

AGT All Stars Contestants 2023

Here is the list of known contestants so far for AGT 2023:

Sr. No.ContestantsGot Talent Season and PlaceAct
1.Aidan BryantAGT S16Aerialist
2.Aidan McCannBritain’s Got Talent 2020Magician
3.Alan Silva AGT S15Aerialist
4.Ana Maria MărgeanRomania’s Got Talent Winner 2021Ventriloquist 
5.AneeshwarKunchalaBritain’s Got Talent 2022 Poet
6.Archie WilliamsAGT S15Singer 
7.Avery DixonAGT S17Musician
8.Axel BlakeBritain’s Got Talent Winner 2022 Comedian 
9.Bello SistersAGT S15 Hand Balancing 
10Berywam AGT S14A Capella Group 
11.Bir KhalsaAGT S14Extreme Variety
12.Brandon LeakeAGT S15/WinnerPoet
13.Brett LoudermilkAGT S15Extreme Variety
14.Caly BevierAGT S11Singer
15.Captain RuinAustralia’s Got Talent 2019Extreme Variety
16.Cristina RaeAGT S15Singer
17.Dance Town FamilyAGT S15Dance
18.DaneliyaTuleshovaAGT S15Singer
19.Darius MabdaRomania’s Got Talent Winner 2022Dance
20.Detroit Youth ChoirAGT S14Choir
21.Divyansh&ManurajIndia’s Got Talent Winner 2022Music Act
22.Dustin TavellaAGT S16 WinnerMagician
23.Dustin’s DojoAGT S9Variety 
24.Emil &DarielAGT S9Music Act
25.Eric ChienAsia’s Got Talent Winner 2019/AGT S14Magician 
26.Flau’jaeAGT S13Rapper
27.Human FountainsAGT S13Variety
28.Jackie FabulousAGT S14Comedian 
29.Jamie LeaheyBritain’s Got Talent 2022Ventriloquist 
30.Jasper CherryBritain’s Got Talent 2021,Magician 
31.Jeanick FournierCanada’s Got Talent Winner 2022Singer
32.Jimmie HerrodAGT S16Singer
33.Josh BlueAGT S16Comedian 
34.Keiichi IwasakiBritain’s Got Talent 2022,Magician
35.Keren MonteroDominican’s Got Talent Winner 2021Singer
36.Kodi LeeAGT S14 WinnerSinger
37.Light Balance KidsAGT S14Dance
38.LiozAustralia’s Got Talent 2020/AGT S10Magician 
39.Lukas & FalcoDas Supertalent (Germany) Winner/AGT S14Animal Act 
40.MalevoAGT S11Dance
41.Mandy HarveyAGT S12Singer
42.Morvant VeraAGT S17Magician
43.Mike E WinfieldAGT S17Comedian
44.Mini DroidsBelgium’s Got Talent Winner 2021Dance
45.Ndlovu Youth ChoirAGT S14Choir
46.Peter AntoniouAGT S16Mentalist
47.Peter RosalitaAGT S16Singer
48.Power DuoPhilippine’s Got Talent Winner 2016Aerialists
49.Robert FinleyAGT S14Singer
50.Sacred RianaAsia’s Got Talent Winner/AGT S13Magician 
51.Sara JamesAGT S17Singer
52.SethwardAGT S15-17Variety
53.Terry FatorAGT S2 WinnerVentriloquist
54.Tom BallBritain’s Got Talent 2022 Singer 
55.Tone The ChiefAGT S8Singer
56.Vitoria BuenoDas Supertalent (Germany) 2021,Ballerina
57.Vivianna RossiAGT S17Aerialist
58.Voices Of Hope Children’s ChoirAGT S13Choir
59.Yumbo DumpAsia’s Got Talent/AGT S13Variety
60.World TaekwondoAGT S16Variety
AGT all Stars Cast 2023