AGT Voting 2023 – Season 18

America’s Got Talent is back for its new season AGT S18, where great acts & performances compete with each other to win the Golden Buzzer & advance to the next episode. The show has successfully completed its Audition rounds & we have witnessed never seen performances that cheered judges as well as the audience.

In the brand new season of AGT season 18, 10 contestants will perform every week with elimination each week. Those who are following the AGT all-stars eagerly wish to cast their vote for their favorite contestants & here they will be having the opportunity to vote for their favorite act & promote them to finals.

AGT voting for the winner will also be done in the final episode to conclude the prime winner of AGT 2023.

AGT S18 Voting Process: How it Works?

Here is the process of how you can vote for your favorite act on AGT Voting: To submit your votes to the acts, an Overnight Voting Window is created for the viewers where you can easily cast your vote for your favorite act and make them the winner of America’s Got Talent. Once this window closes, your vote will not be counted.

To vote and save on AGT Voting, you’ll need to set up a viewer Profile, It’s been quite easy to vote and save on America’s Got Talent App or on

You’ll need to set up an NBC Universal Profile so that you can choose your favorite artists and cast your votes when the Live Shows begin!

Who can vote for AGT all-stars?

This time, the viewers are quite frustrated & claimed that the show has been loosing it’s credibility due to voting changes. But, what are they ??? Let’s discover & know what NBC says on this :

America’s Got Talent: voting is not open to the public. Advancing talent from each round is determined :by the Golden Buzzers along with a select group of “superfans” from across the country

That means, only superfans could cast their votes. The decision has been criticized widely & NBC might change their opinion of voting changes.

Different Modes to Vote your favorites on Winter AGT 2023

All the eligible viewers can vote and save the contestants with the help of provided voting methods. Whether you’re voting for Avery Dixon or any other favorite star, there are two ways to vote for AGT 2023:

Vote Using Mobile App

It’s possible to vote for your favorite contestants on AGT season 18 voting via a variety of methods, including the official app. Keep coming back to the site for updates as Voting Day approaches!

  • You can cast your vote with the tap of a button on AGT Official App.
  • AGT s18 has an official app that can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free.
  • You can cast up to 10 votes with this method.

Vote using

Go to and register. Then you simply click on the artist you wish to vote for and assign that artist the number of votes you wish to cast. Then click the “Cast Your Vote” button. In 2022, this voting method allows up to 10 votes per email address.

America’s Got Talent Voting Window

America’s Got Talent Voting opens at the beginning of the show Tuesdays and closes at 7am ET on Wednesdays. If you are a superfan & wish to vote for AGT all-stars, be active during this period.

AGT Season 18 Contestants 2023

Here is the list of known contestants so far for AGT 2023:

S. NoContestants NameActStatusEpisodesInsta Profile
1Allan ReinikkaPole DanceNot SelectedEpisode 1allanreinikka
2D’Corey JohnsonSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1dcoreysworld
3KozoComedianNot SelectedEpisode 1kozo_19
4Mzansi Youth Choir ChoirGolden Buzzer
BY Audience
Episode 1mzansiyouthchoir
5Nancy LaFancyDancerNot SelectedEpisode 1nancylafancyyy
6Orlando LeybaStand-up ComedianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1heylando
7Philip BowenInstrumentalistIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1philipbowenmusic
8Shadow AcePuppetry ActIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1boomshadowace
9Steel PantherComedy BandIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1steelpanther
10Three GBody BalancingIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1triothreeg
11Trex FlipsDinosaur ActCompeting
Episode 1Not Known
12Trigg WatsonMagicianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 1triggwatson
13Lambros GarciaDanceIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2the_real_lambros_garcia
14Muhamed KahrimanovicHammerhandNot SelectedEpisode 2kahrimanovic.muhamed
15Mitch RossellSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2mitch_rossell
16Mandy MudenStand-up ComedianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2mandymuden
17Ramadhani BrothersBody BalancingIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2Not Known
18AvantgardeyDance GroupIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2avantgardey_
19Putri Ariani ⭐SingerGolden Buzzer
By Simon
Episode 2arianinismaputri
20Sainted Trap ChoirChoirIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2saintedtrapchoir
21Zoe EriannaPiano PlayingCompeting
Episode 2zoeerianna
22Virginia StoneSingerNot SelectedEpisode 2virginiastone4
23Ray WoldFire ActIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 2ray.wold.16
24Alex & AlexMusicianNot SelectedEpisode 3Not Known
25Ahren BelisleStand-up ComedianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3ahren_belisle
26Alexandr LeshchenkoMultimedia DanceIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3alexandrlaschenko
27Brynn CummingsVentriloquismIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3brynnocummings
28Alfie AndrewSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3alfieandrewmusic
29Ricardo PaceHand MusicianCompeting
Episode 3maestropace
30Herwan LegaillardSword SwallowIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3herwanlegaillard
31Grace GoodHula HoopIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3gracegood
32Atlanta Drum Academy ⭐Drum GroupGolden Buzzer
By Terry
Episode 3atlantadrumacademy
33David RushRecord BreakerNot SelectedEpisode 3recordbreakerrush
34Roland AbanteSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3rolandabante
35John WinesGuitaristIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 3oldgreyguitarist
36Anna DeGuzmanMagicianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4annadeguzman
37Charles HaycockStand-up ComedianNot SelectedEpisode 4charleshaycock
38Dani KerrSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4dani.j.kerr
39El InvertebradoContortionistIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4invertebrate_gab
40Eseniia MikheevaDancerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4esenya_miss
41Freedom SingersVocal GroupIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4lacan_freedomsingers
42Joy BrookerComedy SingerNot SelectedEpisode 4joy.brooker
43Maureen LanganStand-up ComedianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4maureenlangan
44Murmuration ⭐Dance GroupGolden Buzzer
By Howie
Episode 4megaunity_officiel
45Ninah SampaioSinger/Rubix CubeCompeting
Episode 4ninahsampaio
46Poose The PuppetPuppet ActNot SelectedEpisode 4poosethepuppet
47Steve GoodtimeDanger ActNot SelectedEpisode 4stevegoodtime
48Sweaty EddieNovelty ActNot SelectedEpisode
49Thomas VuFire ActCompeting
50Warrior SquadAcrobatics GroupIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 4warrior_squad_india_official
51Adrian Stoica & HurricaneDog ActIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5adrianstoica.dogcoach
52Berry Brewer JrComedy SingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5barrybrewerjr
53Chen LeiAcrobaticsCompeting
Episode 5artistchenlei
54Erica CoffeltDancerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5erica_coffelt
55Justin JacksonTap DancerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5itsjustinjackson
56LachuneSingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5lachunek
57MNovelty ActNot SelectedEpisode 5Not Known
58Ryan HayashiMagicianNot SelectedEpisode 5ryan_hayashi_official
59RylandMagicianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5Not Known
60Sangsoon KimMagicianIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5sangsoonkim_official
61Sharpe Family SingersVocal GroupIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5sharpefamilysingers
62Trailer FlowersMusic DuoIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 5trailerflowers
63Mariandrea Dancing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 mariandreavc
6482nd Airborne Chorus Singing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 thetemptations
65Artem Schukin Magic In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 artem_shchukin_official
66MOS Band In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 mos_brass
6740 PoundsDance Competing
Episode 6 Not Known
68Let It HappenDance Not SelectedEpisode 6 letithappenband
69The Zoo Dance Competing
Episode 6 thezoolv
70Oswaldo ColinaFinger dancing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 dedosbailarinesofficial
71Trent Toney Singing Competing
Episode 6 trenttoneyy
72Puppet Simon & The Cow Belles Puppets, comedy, singing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 
73Duo DesireAerialists Competing
Episode 6 duo.desire
74Presley & TaylorSinging Not SelectedEpisode 6 presleyandtaylor
75Andrew Stanton Knife swallowing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 6 andrew_stanton_ssss
76Lavender Darcangelo ⭐SingingGolden Buzzer By Heidi KlumEpisode 6 lavenderdarcangelo
77Poetic FlightPilots Competing
Episode 7 Not Known
78BJ Griffin Singing and electric cello Competing
Episode 7 bjgriffinmusic
79Phil Wright and Parent Jam Dancing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 7 theparentjam
80Enishi Magic Competing
Episode 7 enishifacechange
81Timothy Fletcher Drumming Competing
Episode 7 timothyfletcher_
82Galactivators Singers Not SelectedEpisode 7 galactivators
83Lance Armlong Golfing skit Not SelectedEpisode 7 Not Known
84Gorilla Circus Act Not SelectedEpisode 7 thegorillagician
85Koko Hayashi Face yoga Not SelectedEpisode 7 kokohayashi
86Rybka TwinsDancing and acrobatics In LIVE ShowsEpisode 7 rybkatwinsofficial
87Duo Just Two Men Hand balancing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 7 Not Known
88Cakra Khan Singing Competing
Episode 7 cakra.khan
89Magic Mike JacobsonMagic Competing
Episode 7 hellomagicmike
90Atai ShowDancing In LIVE ShowsEpisode 7
912 Moms United By One HeartSinging Competing
Episode 7 2momsunitedby1heart
92Duo Acero Pole dancing Competing
Episode 8 duoacero
93Summer RiosSinging In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 summerrios
94Leonard LeeDog slam dunks Not SelectedEpisode 8 liveloveleonardlee
95Pulse Percussion Drumline Competing
Episode 8 pulsepercussion
96Rob Potylo  Guitar and singing Not SelectedEpisode 8 robpotylo
97Dev the Devil Singing Not SelectedEpisode 8 Not Known
98Gabriel Henrique ⭐Singing Golden Buzzer By Sofia Vergara Episode 8 gabbrielhenrique
99Noodle and BunBand In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 Not Known
100Zion Clark Wrestling In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 bigz97
101True VillainsRock band In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 truevillainsnashville
102Twinjas MMA, jiu jitsu In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 twinjas_official
103HB Monte DJ In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 hbmonte
104Bomba Trio Comedy ping-pong act In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 Not Known
105Kylie FreySinger In LIVE ShowsEpisode 8 kyliefrenchfrey
106Sunny Chatum Comedian Competing
Episode 8 Not Known
107Ahmed BharoochaComedianCompeting
Episode 9ahmedbharoocha
108Chibi Unity ⭐Dance GroupGolden Buzzer by GroupEpisode 9chibiunity_official
109Daragh & DexterDog ActNot SelectedEpisode 9dexterthebalancingdog
110Donovyn DiazDanceCompeting
Episode 9donovyndiaz
111Duo DadivaAcrobatics DuoCompeting
Episode 9duo_dadiva_
112Eduardo Antonio TrevinoMariachi SingerIn LIVE ShowsEpisode 9eduardoatrevino2012
113Heather & BogartDog ActCompeting
Episode 9heatherandbogart
114Improv EverywhereComedianNot SelectedEpisode 9improvevery
115Josh AlfredComedianNot SelectedEpisode 9josh2funny
116Kevin LiMagicianCompeting
Episode 9kevinlimagic
117Morgan & RoxiAerialist DuoCompeting
Episode 9morganandroxi
118Titos TsaiSword DancerCompeting
Episode 9titos_firedancer
119Andres ParadaComedianCompeting
Episode 9andresparadacomedy