All Information about Japanese Dance Group Chibi Unity in Agt – The most popular talent reality series is back with an all-new season streaming on the NBC Television Network.

The series has all-new powerpack performances from all over the globe. The latest performance of a dance group flying from Japan to America to mark their presence in season 18 of America’s Got Talent is incredible.

The chibi unit group that got the golden buzzer in the AGT auditions with their wonderful performance that surprised everyone was on another level.

You must be curious to know who the Chibi Unity Group is that secured their place in the semi-finals directly. So here’s everything that you want to know about Chibi Unity Japan.

Chibi Unity Agt Biography/wiki

The Chibi Unity Group, which belongs to Niigata, Japan, has a group of junior and senior dance performers. The dance group, formed in 2013, has competed around the world. The Chibi Unity has participated in various dance competitions around the globe. Their performance of the song Some Nights at the reality competition World Of Dance was also a hit.

In 2018, they are securing 3rd place in the Body Rock Dance Competition. The dance crew has won the Vibe Dance Competition several times, starting in 2017 and ending in the recent year 2023, when they secured first place in the competition.

After competing with various rivals, the group is now appearing in season 18 of America’s Got Talent after getting inspired by season 17 winner Mayyas. In the audition of AGT, their stirring act marked their name in the list of Golden Buzzers.

Chibi Unity Net Worth Year by Year

The crew has been participating in various competitions since the beginning of the group’s establishment. They have won a number of dance competitions, which has increased their net worth over the years. However, Chibi Unity’s exact net worth is not known now.

The net worth of Chibi Unity
Chibi Unity Net Worth 2024TBA
Chibi Unity Net Worth 2023TBA

What song did Chibi Unity dance to on AGT Season 18?

In the auditions of AGT, the Chibi Unity dance group performed “Hometown” by the rock band Cleopatrick from Cobourg, Canada, consisting of Luke Gruntz, the frontman, and Ian Fraser. The song shows solid feelings and expressions about not being seen and heard. It was the background music for the Chibi Unity Group’s act in the auditions.

Golden Buzzer Chibi Performance Audition Act

The Japanese dance group Chibi Unity gave an energetic performance, showing the strong emotions of the song. They amazed everyone with the perfect synchronization they had while performing, which made the judge, Sofia Vergara, say it was a perfect AGT audition, and she got goosebumps.

Additionally, It was the best dancing act she had ever seen in her life. Not only Sofia, but other judges had the same reaction after watching the thrilling act of Chibi Unity. The group had an energetic performance, strongly representing the emotions of the song using shadows and costumes, giving it rousing dynamics.

Their grey hoodie costumes, which they changed into white to show the emotional change, made it more convincing. After getting applause from all the judges and standing ovations, the group secured their place in the show. While Simon called Terry Crews and all the judges together pressed the Golden Buzzer for the Chibi Unity.

Golden Buzzer Chibi Unity Fact

Chibi Unity is the dance group that got the Golden Buzzer in the AGT season 18 auditions. Here are some facts about Chibi Unity that are worth knowing:

  • The Chibi Unity group is from Niigata, Japan.
  • The group has won the Vibe Dance Competition five times, including junior and adult seasons.
  • Season 17 winner Mayyas inspire the group.
  • The Chibi Unity has secured their place in the semi-finals of AGT with the Golden Buzzer.