The Super Bowl Halftime Show is a tradition in which celebrities perform before the annual NFL championship. The show is very important as it gives celebrities a chance to interact with fans.

About the Show: Super Bowl halftime 2024

In 2022, Apple will host the Super Bowl halftime show, but before that, Pepsi has sponsored the show for almost a decade. In the previous show, celebrity star Rihana headlined the show, and her performance was the second-most-watched performance.

In 2024, it is speculated that One Direction’s former member Harry Styles will be headlining the show. There have been no announcements from the officials of Super Bowl Halftime, so we are not sure. There is a high probability that popular star Miley Cyrus will perform in the show.

Who should play the Super Bowl halftime show in 2024?

The Super Bowl halftime show will be coming soon in 2024, and audiences are already excited about the performers who will play in the show. Till now, we only knew about the stars who wouldn’t be playing in the 2024 show, but some artists should play in the Super Bowl halftime show in 2024: 

  • The Killers

The hometown boys The killers have shown their interest in performing at the Super Bowl. belonging from Las Vegas, we are sure the audience is ready to swing with Mr. Bright and somebody told me.

  • Pink

Pink, who has marked their presence in the Super Bowl before and has sung the national anthem, has enough power to hold the audience with their beats. They can make everyone sway with Blow Me, So What, and others.

  • Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has been one of the favourites in Las Vegas, with his popularity breaking records. He has just been certified for 1 billion streams for his tracks. He also broke the Spotify record for the most streamed album of all time in July 2023.

  • Doja Cat

Doja Cat, who has previously performed in the Super Bowl show’s commercial, has a very new album she is dropping in September 2023. It will be a great experience watching Doja Cat perform Kiss Me More, Say So, and other songs.

  • Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, with her fabulous voice, has always been a stage personality. From being an American Idol winner to the coach at The Voice, Kelly Clarkson has always been a pop star. With her songs like Stronger, Since You Been Gone, and the recent one, Red Flag Collector, performing on the big stage of the Super Bowl.

  • Miley Cyrus

The bubble gum pop star, who has performed on the Super Bowl before as well, is a rockstar on stage. From being The Voice coach to giving the all-time hits Her Flowers was a hit, which brought her back to the limelight. There is a high possibility that Milly will perform at the Super Bowl.

  • Harry Styles

Many of the audience members want to see Harry Styles perform in the show, and there are jokes about One Direction’s former member performing in the 2024 show. It will not be the first time he will be performing in the Super Bowl halftime show. He had performed in the 2013 show.

Who are the Super Bowl halftime artists and contestants in 2024?

The artist performing at Super Bowl Halftime 2024 has not been revealed yet. However, there are rumours that in the 2024 show, the audience will get to see Harry Styles headlining the show. Also, pop star Milly Cyrus is assumed to be confirmed for the Super Bowl halftime show in 2024.

Who is hosting the halftime Super Bowl?

Pop icon and entrepreneur Rihana headlines the Super Bowl in 2023. She has performed solo, with her dancers performing with her. This was the show where Rihana announced her second pregnancy. Rihana’s performance is one of the most watched performances of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Who judges the halftime Super Bowl?

The Halftime Super Bowl features several celebrities who performed in the show. But these celebrities are judged by the host town. As the host town decides which celebrities will perform and which will not.

Who is the owner of Super Bowl halftime?

Apple is the new owner of the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022. Before Apple, Pepsi sponsored the show.

Viewers Review and Rating Super Bowl Halftime

The show has gotten top ratings with millions of viewers. In the previous Super Bowl halftime show, pop star Rihana’s performance got approx. 118.7 million viewers, which is the second-highest viewing count of the show. Also, Rihana’s performance is the second-most watched show and has ranked highest in terms of ratings.