Claudia Campbell Big Brother Canada 

Big Brother Canada is in its eleventh successful season so far. The fans and critics have witnessed lots of great participants in this amazing and brilliant television reality show. The eleventh season of Big Brother Canada is making some new and amazing headlines that are related to the participants.

Claudia Campbell (Left) with her friend (right)

The show is all about the participants, which attracts most of its viewerships from across the country and the world. One of the amazing participants of the show is Claudia Campbell who is currently doing amazing in the show. 

How Old is Claudia Campbell?

Claudia Campbell is just 25 years old girl and is one of the youngest participants in the show. Claudia has proved that she is a great example of good things that come in small packages.

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Claudia Campbell Extended Bio 

Claudia is surely a very bright young lady who seems to be very proud of participating in Big Brother Canada. She resides in a very small town named Prince Edward Island. She grew up in Kensington PEI, which is a very tiny town with a few population. She revealed that she is very lucky that she was raised and born in this small town located in Canada.

Other than that, she also works as a marketing coordinator. She loves her work and is very close to her niece and nephew. Her role model is her mother and she believes she is her best friend. 

Claudia Campbell Wiki 

Name Claudia Campbell 
Age 25 years old 
Hometown Prince Edward Island, Canada 
Occupation Marketing coordinator 
Role model Her mother 
Hobbies Dancing and was a cheerleader before 
Hosting PEI 
Claudia Campbell Bio & Wiki

Claudia Campbell Net Worth: Insights into Her Financial Success

Claudia Campbell is a very young and bright candidate and a daughter to her mother. She has just come to the limelight after making her debut entry to Big Brother Canada. People from all across the country and the world have started noticing her hard work and her talents. 

She has just started her career in something new and will get lots of opportunities ahead of her. If she wins the latest season of Big Brother Canada then she will be rewarded quite heavily. But, we do not know her net worth details as of now. 

Claudia Campbell Family Background: Key People in Her Personal Life

Claudia Campbell has not much revealed about her family but, she happily lives in her hometown with her mother, nephew, and niece. 

How She Performed in BBCanada?

Ever since Claudia came into the show, she was always ready than ever. She even had some exciting plans for the latest season of Big Brother Canada. Claudia has won two Head of the Household position. This means she had the position of supreme power and total control in the Big Brother House twice. 

All these nominations and winnings helped Claudia to the list of finalists along with Anika, Daniel, and Ty.