After two weeks of spending time on other accommodation, the original suitors are back. But, the main question that arises in this episode is who is Hannah that Sam was talking to over the phone? 

In the opening few minutes of this episode we can hear Sam talking to someone over the phone secretly about his relationship with Hannah and Emily. He also reveals that he is going to marry Hannah.

Sulei and Lili

Sulei is getting to know Lili after a hard time with Lisa. Sulei reveals that he has never dated anyone like Lili as he grew up playing basketball, playing games, and studying.

It seems like both Sulei and Lili have grown something in between them. On the other hand, Lili is very happy with Sulei and she does not want to give up on this relationship very easily. 

After a week we can see Sulei’s partner coming back to the home. 

Tamera, Jackson and Sam

It seems like Tamera is not having the time of her life even after getting a second chance. Jackson reveals that Tamera has not spoken to him for hours and he is quite tense about it. He is trying to make everything entertaining and not boring. We can clearly see Jackson putting all the effort but there is no response from Tamera.

Sam was back in the house and they will live together for the next two weeks.  Sam thought that they would create a good bonding but, he was amazed that nothing happened. 

Nellie, Richard and Daniel

Nellie who had a bad start on this show is currently having the time of her life. We can see them having a good conversation and she reveals that she has a crush on him now. Even after a week both of them have not revealed anything to each other. 

Nellie’s first boyfriend was back in their home and will live together for the next two weeks. Nellie and Richard revealed that both of them missed Daniel.

Nellie was giggling too much around Richard. Richard revealed that at the moment they were really good friends. Hearing this Nellie was quite sad and was thinking why he did not tell her this earlier. Both later cleared out that the longer they are honest with each other its cool. 

Alan, Caity and Jess

We can see Caity doing a spa for Alan. It seems like they are having the best time in the show currently. Alan also revealed that he and Caity are getting along very well but, there is still no spark for him. Unfortunately, Alan tells to Caity about his feelings and she immediately feels bad about it. 

Very soon we hear a knock on their door. Yes, it was Jessica on the door outside who came back again. We can see both of them catching up about what happened in the last week. Jessica still believes that she wants Alan in her life and she is happy that there is some drama between Alan and Caity. 

After all the three of them met together it was an awkward moment. Very soon Caity reveals that she wanted to have a conversation with Alan. Of course there was an heated moment between them. 

Sam, Emily and Sophie

Sam gets a knock on the door and we can see Emily. For Emily it was difficult for the first couple of days but, very soon she was going to be alright. Emily wanted to know everything that they had been doing for the past week. We can see Sam protecting Emily and his relationship with her. 

We could clearly see the sad face on Sophie’s face. While they were drinking together Sophie noticed drastic changes in Sam. She thought that there was something Sam was hiding from either Emily or her. 

When we see Emily and Sophie going around together she reveals that Emily is being played. It was Sophie who was understanding that there was something Sam was hiding. 

Jacinta, Nemo, and Sheree

Nemo reveal that it was not easy for him for the past week. We can see Jacinta greeting Nemo at the door and she reveals that she misses him a lot. Nemo loves Jacinta for real and wants to build a good long-term connection with her. 

In the evening we can see Nemo getting angry with Jacinta about something. It was Nemo who got very angry with Jacinta.

Triangle Party

Now, everyone was getting ready for the triangle party. Everyone was very excited about it and was looking forward. We can see everyone coming to Lady Bang’s rooftop. We could see everyone having a good time in this party. 

Sophie got an attraction at this party. After everyone sat down we saw Tamera and Sam coming and she looked upset followed by Jacinta and their group. Everyone started asking about each other and getting to know each other. After lots of conversation, the night ended quite well.