Terell “Ty” McDonald’s Big Brother Canada 

To win Big Brother Canada one must have the energy and charm, which is present in Terell McDonald. He has become one of the famous celebs from his hometown. Just like any other participant in the show, he is quite desperate to win the latest title of Big Brother Canada.

Terell McDonald’s Age 

Terell or Ty is a 27-year-old participant in Big Brother Canada season 11. He hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He believes he is a natural-born athlete. His passion for living a healthy and fit life makes him look much younger. 

Terell McDonald’s Bio 

Terell McDonald is surely a complete athlete. This 27-year-old has an interest in soccer, basketball, football, running on a track field, karate, taekwondo, and many more. He has made himself a self-made superstar in these fields. Other than these, Ty is also a certified professional personal trainer.

Moreover, Terell McDonald wants to build a professional career in fitness. He even motivates other people in the gym to live a healthy and fit life. Even if there are some bodybuilding competitions, he is always a part of those. He believes no one can beat him when it comes to ‘competitions’.

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Terell McDonald’s Wiki 

Name Terell McDonald 
Age 27 years old 
Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Occupation Certified personal trainer 
Relationship status Single 
Zodiac Pisces 
Terell “Ty” McDonald’s Bio

Terell McDonald’s Net Worth 

Terell is a hardworking human being and is a proud boy to his parents. He is a professional and a certified personal trainer, so he earns quite a good sum of money from doing it. Moreover, he is still young and bright and has all his life left where he will be getting lots of chances and opportunities. We are sure he will gladly grab all of them and will achieve success in that particular field. 

Moreover, if Terell McDonald wins the latest season of Big Brother Canada then he will get heavy prize money from the officials. We are hoping that he wins the latest season of Big Brother Canada. Moreover, we do not know his net worth but, whatever he earns for a living he is proud of it. 

Terell McDonald Family 

Terell is a ‘mama’s boy’. He lives with his mother in his hometown and loves her very much. Unfortunately, we do not know about his father and his whereabouts. But, he reveals that whatever he is today is all because of his mother. He receives great support from her and she is everything to him. 

Performance in Big Brother Canada So Far 

The journey in Big Brother Canada for Tyrell McDonald has not been easy. He faced lots of challenges, ups, and downs throughout his journey on this platform. But, due to his efficiency and not-give-up mentality, he has been listed in the finale of the show. 

Throughout the episodes of Big Brother Canada, Tyrell McDonald has won one Head of the Household position, five Power of Veto wins, and has been nominated three times. During the Houseguests Scramble episode, first place was taken by Terell McDonald, completing the task within 13 minutes and 42 seconds. Winning this helped him move forward to the list of finales in the epic reality game show.