This 18-year-old landscaper, singer, and songwriter blew away all four judges with his amazing singing skills. He resides in Lisarow, New South Wales where he lives with his parents.

Ethan Beckton: Teenager Who Learned It All Online

He has been in the musical industry for a long time. Ethan had started singing when he was just five or six years old as revealed by his mother during the blind auditions on The Voice Australia season 12. After that, Ethan’s passion for singing and the music genre grew more and more.

Full NameEthan Beckton
Age18 years old
ResidenceLisarow, New South Wales
TalentsLandscaper, Singer, Songwriter
Musical JourneyStarted singing at age 5-6
Early YearsChildhood passion for music and singing
Self-Taught SkillsMusical knowledge acquired through self-teaching
Blind Audition PerformanceEnthusiastic start and crowd engagement
Song RenditionUnique version of “Jealous” by Labrinth
Ethan Beckton The Voice

The most interesting part is he actually never had any music lessons. Whatever musical knowledge he has gained, everything is self-taught. He just bootstrapped himself in his musical journey. Further in this article, we will talk about Ethan’s blind audition performance. 

Ethan Beckton’s Powerful Performance 

The room was already full of energy even before Ethan started his auditions. The moment he started “I’m jealous of the rain…” people in the background started cheering up and it felt like he had already gained fans in the room. 

He performed his own rendition of “Jealous” by Labrinth. There was energy and sweetness in his voice which both the crowd and coaches were attracted to. When we are talking about the superstar coaches, it seemed like Jason Derulo was quite moved to hear his voice. It was Jason Derulo who first char turned followed by Jessica Mauboy, Rita Ora, and Guy Sebastian in the end.

Soon after all the four superstar coaches’ chairs turned, both Jason Derulo and Jessica Mauboy stood up and gave a standing ovation for a short while. Yes, we could see Jason still standing and listening carefully to Ethan Beckton’s voice. One would not believe but, that all of these incidents took place under two minutes of Ethan Beckton’s blind audition performance who actually never had any music lesson earlier in his life. 

At the end of his blind performance, the whole auditorium cheered for this young self-taught singer. His powerful and energetic voice made the whole crowd stand up. 

All Four Chairs Turned & Significant Remark on Jason Derulo

Ethan’s voice moved not only those four chairs but, the whole auditorium and surely many people who watched the blind auditions live yesterday. All four coaches were quite surprised by his voice and they became more when they came to know he did not have any proper music lessons in his life.

Without proper music lessons, he has achieved so much that professional singers or superstar coaches are moved to hear his beautiful voice. 

The first reaction from Jason Derulo was “I am blown away man that is a perfect audition.” Later, Jason Derulo revealed that he was “looking for someone just like you, like a young suave guy.” He also revealed that he would help to nurture that talent and to be a superstar that the world will remember for a very long time.

On the other hand, Rita Ora revealed that she is not much of a “gloater” but she did win last season. There was a battle among the coaches who wanted to take Ethan on their team. Rita also revealed, “he is the full package.” Moreover, there were some funny yet serious conversations between Ethan and the coaches. 

Which Team Ethan Beckton Is In?

After all the sweet and promising comments from the coaches, it was time for Ethan Becton to choose his coach. It was surely a hard choice for Ethan to make because all the superstars wanted him to be on their team. 

Yes, there was a slight break from Ethan as the decision was not easy as it looked. He stood on the stage and thought for a while. On the other hand, the crowd at the back started taking the names of the coaches. Moreover, without wasting any time he said “I think I will go with Jason”. Immediately, Jason Derulo jumped off his seat and shook hands, and hugged Ethan Beckton.

Ethan Beckton’s Girlfriend: Is he in a relationship?

Ethan’s social media profile suggests that Ethan is committed to a relationship with his girlfriend Tiah Borton. Tia Borton is a beautiful & curvy girl which makes her a well-deserved partner for Ethan.

Ethan Beckton Bio and Background 

Ethan Beckton is an 18-year-old songwriter, landscaper, and singer. He resides in Lisarow, New South Wales. Ethan became passionate about the music genre from a very young age. Prior to performing in the 12th season of The Voice Australia, he performed lots of gigs and other performances on different stages. 

Some of his previous performances are available on his Instagram and FaceBook pages. It seems like he loves going to the gym and loves keeping his body fit. He attended Lisarow High School in Lisarow, New South Wales.

Ethan Beckton is one of those competitors of the 12th season of The Voice Australia who got a chance to participate in the semi-finals of the show. Further in this article, we will be talking about the epic performance given by Ethan Beckton. 

Ethan Beckton’s Semi-Final Performance 

Ethan came a long way defeating the best singers on the show to perform in the semi-finals. It was his only chance to move to the top four by giving his best. On Saturday night Ethan gave his amazing performance on James Arthur’s ‘Train Wreck’. Prior to this, he practised all the lessons that he received from his coach and that is what he applied in his semi-final performance. 

Ethan’s semi-final performance was not like any other semi-final performance. In the beginning, we could see lots of props (table and chairs) on the stage and upon that Ethan was sitting down to start his performance. The whole auditorium was turned dark and everyone looked very eager to watch Ethan perform. 

Sitting down Ethan started performing his semi-final song. He was seen wearing Converse shoes, a pair of black pants, and a t-shirt, with a white jacket on top. With no doubt, we can say he gave a very strong and amazing start. The moment he stood up immediately his fans from the auditorium started to cheer for him.

Before the chorus began, he already impressed all the superstar judges who were eagerly listening to him. While he was singing, we could see fire on the props and on the background display which was perfectly matching with the song he was given. 

Further, his vocals grew stronger and stronger. The notes went from lower to very high and he controlled everything with care. Rita Ora and Jason Derulo seemed quite impressed by the amazing performance from Ethan Beckton. In the end, his song surely gave goosebumps to everyone who was present in the auditorium. It was surely one of the most powerful performances in the history of The Voice Australia semi-finals.

Ethan Beckton Road to Finale

Ethan Beckton The Voice Last Performance 

Ethan Beckton is yet another talented artist who has made it to the grand finale of The Voice Australia 2023. His amazing voice and his hard work towards achieving goals has always kept him ahead in the competition. His performance on James Arthur’s Train Wreck was simply mesmerizing during the semi-final stage. Belonging to coach Jason Derulo’s team he impressed him and was selected to move forward to the final stage. 

Ethaan Beckton appeared on the stage in the semi-final wearing a white jacket and a black pants but it was his voice that captured the hearts of thousands. He started off slow during his performance as it was an emotional piece.

As he moved further with this beautiful song we all saw what Ethan was capable of and how he did justice to the song. He managed to keep the low notes and the high notes perfectly which gave an outstanding performance. 

The talented artist finished off in style and got a huge round of applause from the audience and as well as from the judges. It was one of the best shows from him and we wish him all the best for his final journey that is coming up very soon.

How old is Ethan Beckton?

Ethan Beckton is just 21 years old at the time of his The Voice audition.

How Ethan Beckton learned Singing?

It’s quite surprising but Ethan Beckton learned singing online without attending any classes.