Ezra Williams is a singer from Victoria who is currently a contestant on The Voice Australia 2023 season 12. She is 28 years old and has a passion for soul, pop, and blues music.

She comes from a musical family, with sisters Lavina and Emily, who were part of the girl groups Ma-V-Elle and Young Divas.

Ezra auditioned for The Voice with a performance of Lizzo’s “About Damn Time”, which earned her a two-chair turn from Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy. She chose to join Team Jess, who was formerly a Young Diva with her sister Emily.

Ezra Williams The Voice Australia Audition 

Her blind auditions on the latest episode of The Voice Australia have grabbed all the attention of viewers across the country and the world. She was seen wearing a pink top along with a blue jacket on top and blue shorts below.

Her audition song was “About Damn Time” by Lizzo. We must say it was an amazing song choice by her as it just perfectly suited her.

As soon as she started singing, the audience already went crazy. Within 13 seconds of her singing, Ezra impressed Jessica Mauboy and she was the first one to turn her chair. Her vocals were surely impressing the other three superstar judges but, they needed a little more from her.

Rita Ora was soon impressed and turned her chair. It was only Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy who turned their chairs. But, this does not mean Jason Derulo and Guy Sebastian were not impressed by her voice. 

At the end of her auditions, she received a huge round of applause from the whole crowd. As she not only sang but, she made the whole crowd dance and sing with her.

Jessica Found Someone she was looking for – Ezra Williams Audition

After the audition ended, it was time for the judges to make their comments about her audition. Jessica Mauboy opened the speech by saying “I have been waiting for someone like you.” Jessica even revealed to Ezra, “You like kind of familiar.”

At this moment, Ezra Williams gave her short introduction to the whole audience and superstar judges. Her sister Emily was also present and Jessica shared her story of how she knew Emily. 

Rita Ora revealed, “It was next-level fun.” She also later added that her voice was strong and powerful. Guy said, “You have got an incredible talent and my problem with that song was I just heard a really great voice.” Now, it was time for Ezra Williams to choose her superstar coach. Yes, she chose Jessica Mayboy as her superstar coach and this was the first contestant on her team.

Ezra Williams Bio, Wiki, & Net Worth

Ezra Williams is a 28-year-old Australian singer who hails from Melbourne. She has a very deep passion for singing and wants to pursue a career in the field. Her sister Emily Williams had finished up as runner-up on Australian Idol season 3 back in 2005. 

On the other hand, her other multi-talented singer sister Lavina Williams was a contestant on the fourth season of Australian Idol back in 2006. She is a family filled with singers and that is what she is going to do next. 

Ezra is a very young and talented singer, she has done lots of stage shows and performances. Unfortunately, we do not have a figure of her net worth.

Ezra Williams Performance That Made Her Finalist 

Ezra Williams is one of the finalists in The Voice Australia 2023 and will be competing with other three contestants in the finale episode. Coach Jessica Mauboy had given her the song by LF System, ‘Afraid To Feel’. Her incredible performance of ‘Afraid To Feel’ left everyone stunned.

It was a performance that was mixed with energy and positive vibes and an overall fiery performance. The song had all the highs and lows and as well as the pace in it which was something that Ezra had to tap for the first time. 

The stage was beautifully designed as Ezra took the stage looking like a princess. Previously she had revealed that it was going to be a tough one but she proved everyone wrong because the song perfectly suited her. Everyone started cheering and the judges were simply wowed by her performance. The high and low notes were perfectly mastered and there was no margin of error while she gave her best performance in the show. 

The song felt like the perfect cover of the original song and it would be justified to say that Ezra did justice to it. Being on Jessica’s team she impressed her immediately and it almost felt  like Jessica had already chosen her winner for the semi-final round. Well, to everyone’s surprise Jessica chose her at the end of the episode making her one of the finalists among the other three contestants.