MTV premiered its brand-new reality TV show, Love At First Lie, and there are plenty of things to know about the new series. MTV experimented with its programming this time and introduced a fresh concept that provides a little of an intriguing surprise.

On the show, contestants and viewers will try to figure out which duos are in true relationships, and which pairs are faking it. This show may take viewers on a fascinating and invigorating ride

Contestants of Love at First Lie Standing on stage
Love at First Sight Contestants

Who is the Host of Love at First Lie?

Love at First Kie Host Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling

The show is being hosted by Tori Spelling, who has hosted various series and acted in TV shows, such as Beverly Hills 90210. Tori is all set to catch everyone’s lies on her new show.

Love at First Lie Elimination

Love at First Lie Cast Season 1

The show consists of 12 episodes, featuring 16 contestants in the formation of 8 couples, one couple will be eliminated every Wednesday. As per MTV’s last episode, 8 Love at first lie contestants have been introduced so far & more couples are yet to be introduced in the next episode airing on 26 October Wednesday.

Here are the details of the Love at first lie cast so far :

Sr No.CastProfile
1Riani & Chantz (Eliminated)Instagram
2Monica & Josh (Eliminated)Instagram
3Jake & AlfieInstagram
4Karla & Brian (Eliminated)Instagram
5Annabell and JoeyInstagram
6Stephanie & ArabellaInstagram
7Caecy & Reasey (Eliminated)Instagram
8Yuriy & AliciaInstagram
9Brandi & Lawrence (Entered in 3rd Episode)
10Brixton & Brenna (Entered in 3rd Episode)
Eliminated in week 5
11Shane and Layla (Entered in 4th Episode)
12Tom and Steven (Entered in 4th Episode)
Love at First Lie Cast 2022

Love at First Sight Elimination updates

Chantz and Riani were the first couples to get eliminated in the first episode of the premier. The couple was voted out by 4 votes by Yuriy and Alicia, Jake and Alfie, Monica and Josh, and Annabell & Joe.

Surprisingly, no one was eliminated in the second episode of love at first lie eliminations but eventually, Tori Spelling announced a new couple to be introduced in the third episode. The new couples entered were Brandi & Lawrence and Brixton & Brenna.

Next in week 4, two more couples made entry through the wild card, and the couples were Shane and Layla & Tom and Steven. Unfortunately, Brixton & Brenna were eliminated in week 5.

Love at First Lie Week 1 Elimination

Who is eliminated in Love at First til now?

Couple Riani & Chantz have been eliminated against 4 votes in the first episode of Love at First Lie. The couple revealed that Chantz and Riani are not together, they’re actually BFFs & Chantzis a gay.