Love Island USA the fan-favorite American dating reality show which aired its very first episode of the 5th season previously. The first five couples have been formed already in the first episode which aired on Peacock. Now, these couples will be in the show for around 6 weeks until every couple gets eliminated from time to time.

The couples will be aiming to stay coupled up to remain eligible for a fan-favorite vote at the end of the series where the most number of votes given to a particular couple will be taking home $100,000. 

Who Went Home On The First Episode Of Love Island?

The first episode of the fresh new season of Love Island ended with a shocking elimination twist. The 10 cast members included five male and five female casts and therefore it would be easy to decide that by the end of the episode, everyone would find their suitable partner. Kay Kay and Keenan seemed content and Destiny and Marco were the couple who were very excited to be the first couple in the villa to share a kiss.

Jasmine and Victor, on the other hand, lacked chemistry, and Anna felt that she would rather be with anyone other than Bergie. The lack of compatibility between them left them vulnerable at the end of the episode and thus it concluded in a pretty shocking and confusing way.

After islanders voted Anna and Bergie the least compatible couple, host Sarah Hyland sent both of them to discuss which one of them would be going home. It was a tough decision but Bergie admitted that he would be feeling guilty if Anna was sent home which is why he self-eliminated. 

A Recap Of The Eliminated Contestant’s Performance 

Other casts other than Bergie and Anna had already coupled up and seemed confident enough to move forward with the other episodes by the end of the first episode of the fresh new season. Anna felt she could have been with any other male cast other than Bergie which made Bergie and herself vulnerable for being eliminated in the very first episode. 

However, Anna and Bergie’s fate in Love Island USA seems to be very unclear at the moment. Bergie will be returning back since he is not actually eliminated but the problem still remains that Bergie and Anna don’t have a matching chemistry.

It is likely that Anna will likely know more about the other islanders, especially when a new male islander enters the villa. With Bergie being back host, Sarah will reveal that both of them will still be at risk of getting eliminated.

Who went home in the first episode of Love Island?

Anna and Bergie were the first two contestants eliminated at the start of the show.