Two weeks ago the Love Triangle experience began and quite a lot of happened over the past few weeks. Some gained connection and some are still struggling.

This episode of the show was called “You’re About To Meet The Super-Villian”. In this episode all the remaining contestants in the show will get a surprise knock on the door and it will be the beginning of the new Love Triangle twist.

Love Triangle Season 2 New Contestants

  1. Sophie: Sophie is a new character who arrives at Sam and Emily’s house, causing a surprise twist in their Love Triangle.
  2. Hannah: After Sophie’s arrival, Sam gets in touch with another girl, Hannah, signaling a potential new character or contestant.
  3. Sheree: Sheree is introduced as a new character when Nemo is temporarily relocated, and Jacinta spends time getting to know her.
  4. Richard: Nellie is introduced to Richard, a new character, after receiving a message that leads to Daniel’s temporary departure.
  5. Lili: Lili is a new character who knocks on the door while Sulei and Lisa are cooking together, bringing a twist to their situation.
  6. Jackson: Tamera and Sam encounter Jackson, a new character, after he receives a message and Sam leaves for alternative accommodation.
  7. Caity: Caity enters the scene as a new character who is believed to be Alan’s type, creating tension in his Love Triangle with Jess.

The Triangle Expands: Emily’s Departure and Sam’s Choice

We can see someone knocking on the door of Sam and Emily. There was a girl at the door and it was Sophie on the other side. Emily reveals that she was not expecting another one very soon.

It was surely a huge surprise for the couple. Sophie reveals that she is from Gold Coast, Queensland. While Sam was taking up the luggage upstairs Emily was busy showing the house to Sophie. 

As usual, an awkward moment comes up between them. We can see Sam is ignoring the moment when Emily and Sophie are together. We can see Emily and Sophie talking about their relationship. Emily is really into Sam and thinks that she has a future with him.

Later we can see a little heated conversation between Sam and Emily. Sam gets a message which says “As you know a triangle has three sides. The time has come for Sophie to move in so you can get to know each other on a deeper level.

But, Emily must now pack her bags and move into alternative accommodation.” It was quite tough for Emily now but, Sam reveals that it is hard for him too. 

Sam and Sophie

Now, that Emily is gone we can see Sam and Sophie inside the house the whole day. They are talking to each other about random stuff and we can see that Sophie is Sam’s type. He also reveals that she is a pretty girl and a fun girl. He believes that things could be a lot worse in the future. 

The next morning we can see they are acting normal and everything seems fine between them. After three days, Sam and Sophie have grown something between them. After 72 hours after Emily leaves the house Sam stays touch in with another girl, it was Hannah. 

A New Beginning: Jacinta and Nemo’s Twist of Fate

We can see Jacinta is having a rough time with Sheree in the house. Jacinta gets the same news as Emily and Sam but, this time Nemo has to go to some other house.

He would be in another accommodation for one week. Jacinta is trying to contain her feelings but, she is trying her best not to feel sad. She believes that she has been honest with him since day one but, Jacinta wants to know Sheree. 

Jacinta reveals to Nemo that this decision might be good for them. We can clearly see that Nemo is worried about this decision. Very soon we can see Nemo going out of the house and that leaves Jacinta and Sheree. 

Exploring Possibilities: Jacinta and Sheree’s Connection

Jacinta is happy that Sheree is here and she wants to know her more. Both decide to hang out the same night and chill. Sheree revealed that the first time she saw Jacinta it attracted her very much. Sheree reveals that she always wanted to take the submissive part in a relationship. 

The next morning we can see both doing some yoga and having a good time together. Jacinta is excited to spend more time with Sheree. 

A Twist in Nellie’s Story: Richard’s Unexpected Arrival

Nellie had already lost hope and any kind of connection with firefighter Daniel. But, the last night Richard had messaged Nellie and gave her hope. She is quite excited to know Richard. She thinks that something would have been different if she would have picked Richard. 

Very soon we heard a knock on the door and it was Richard. Nellie and Daniel greet Richard. Nellie believes that Richard is her type and he is a beautiful man. While Nellie was in the bathroom settling herself we can see Daniel and Richard talking.

Nellie is getting ready and Daniel and Richard are still talking. Nellie gets a message and yes it was the same message as the others and it was time for Daniel to move to alternative accommodation for one week. 

Discovering Chemistry: Nellie and Richard’s Deep Conversations

They have gone into very deep conversations and we feel like Nellie is having the best time. They are having a good time in the swimming pool. 

Sulei and Lisa’s Culinary Surprise and a Sudden Separation

We can see Sulei and Lisa are cooking together and soon get a knock on the door. It was none other than Lili on the door. Sulei reveals that he is quite comfortable with his daily life.

Very soon Sulei got the same text and this time Lisa had to go out for a week. Unfortunately, Lisa had to go out of the place at that time only. She soon went upstairs to pack her bags and was ready to go. 

Tamera, Sam, and the Arrival of a New Player: Jackson

Sam and Tamera were not having the time they wanted. Tamera got a message from Jackson and they started having conversations. Very soon we can see Jackson coming with his bags towards Tamera and Sam’s house. He knocked on the door and it was Jackson at the door. 

Sam did not have any reaction and it was an awkward moment for all three of them. Jackson was expecting it to be more fun but, it was just the opposite. Very soon Tamera got the same message and it was time for Sam to go out for one week.

There was a little heated conversation between Tamera and Sam. Tamera goes out of the scene crying. That leaves only Tamera and Jackson. 

Tensions Rise: The Emotional Farewell of Sam and Tamera

We can see both are having a good time together. They are planning to have fun and they are trying to have a good time. But, we can see that this new relationship is not going very well. 

Alan and Jess’s Struggles Continue: Caity’s Entrance and Alan’s Surprise Birthday Celebration

Alan and Jess are still struggling on the show. Last night Alan got a message from Caity and they spoke to each other about it. Now, Caity is going to come to the house and Jess believes that she is going to be Alan’s type. 

Alan reveals that the moment he saw Caity he was off guard, he felt she was pretty, blonde, and she was his type. All the three meet each other and they talk about their previous days and their relationship.

Again Alan got the message from the officials and it was time for Jess to move out for one week to alternate accommodation. It was not the message Jess was willing to hear. Jess goes upstairs to pack and reveals that Caity is beautiful and gorgeous. Now, that leaves with Alan and Caity. 

Alan and Caity

Alan is celebrating his birthday with Caity. It was surely a huge surprise for him as he did not believe that things would happen so fast.