The superstar coaches who gave a second chance to those singers, it was now time for them to give their best once again. This round is a make-or-break round and it is the last spot for a coveted spot at the Battles for the remaining contestant. 

16 artists will be seen fighting for a secured spot in this episode of The Voice Australia. Let us see who has proceeded further and who had to go home.

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The Voice Ultimate Callback Results & Eliminations

TeamContestantsSong SelectionPerformance HighlightsCoach’s Decision
JasonJade“Edge of Glory” by Lady GagaImpressive performance, seamless vocalsEliminated
JasonCalista“Skyscraper” by Demi LovatoPowerful performance, standing ovationSelected
GuyRobbie“Blue Suede Shoes”Energetic and entertainingSelected
GuyShanae“Can’t Help Falling In Love”Strong, holding notesEliminated
JessThe Bushwackers“The Dumb Things”Gritty and intense performanceSurprisingly eliminated
JessEzra“Love is a Battlefield”Fierce and emotionalSelected by The Bushwackers
RitaGiselle“Toxic” by Britney SpearsCommitted and confidentSelected
RitaBen“Baby One More Time”Energetic and confidentEliminated
JessSean“Leave A Light On” by Tom WalkerEmotionally charged performanceEliminated
JessShyjana“People Help the People”Emotional and movingSelected
GuyJaydean“Leave the Door Open”Exquisite and captivatingSelected
GuyMichaela“When I Was Your Man”High-energy and entertainingEliminated
RitaEmily“I Will Always Love You”Beautiful rendition, emotionalSelected
RitaNick“Last Night” by Morgan WallenGroovy and confidentEliminated
JasonAlex“Dream On” by AerosmithOriginal and impressiveSelected for Battles
JasonCallum“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”High-energy and stage presenceSelected for Battles
The Voice Ultimate Callback results

First Round – Team Jason

Jason’s Ultimate Callback: Jade vs. Calista

The ultimate callback from Team Jason was between Jade and Calista. Jason believed that the reason he paired them together was because both of them were playing it safe. Jade’s strong point was in Ballad but, on the other hand, Calista’s strong point was not on Ballad.

A Ballad Duel: “Skyscraper” vs. “Edge of Glory”

Jason further reveals that the song that he had chosen for Calista is “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato.  It was a Ballad song for Calista. She received an important lesson regarding the song from her superstar coach. The song Jason chose for Jade was “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. 

It was Jade who came up to the stage first for her performance. The opening lines from her gave the audience a good clap for her. She did take her lessons from her superstar coach seriously and her tune to the song went amazingly. For one moment Jason felt quite satisfied with her lows and ups.

The Decision: Calista Takes the Spotlight

Now, Calista came up to the stage and started performing “Skyscraper”. We do have to agree Calista’s voice to this song made the fans stand up and cheer for her. Rita Ora went Oh! Oh!. After both of them completed Jason stood up and asked the crowd to give these ladies a standing ovation. 

But, only one contestant will have to stay back. Jason commented on Jade “You sound like a recorded artist and it sounded seamless”. The comment on Calista was “Your performance literally tore the roof off of this place, so powerful”. Now, it was time for Jason to select and he selected Calista. She looked amazed and was happy at the same time.

First Round – Team Guy

Guy’s Elvis Showdown: Robbie vs. Shanae

The duel that was chosen by Guy Sebastian was between Robbie and Shanae. The theme that Guy Sebastian had chosen for this Ultimate Callback is Elvis. He asked Robbie to sing “Blue Suede Shoes” and Robbie immediately liked the idea.

When Robbie was asked to give a demo, Guy asked him to try and get rid of his little crutch for support. He chose “Can’t Help Falling In Love” for Shanae. When she was asked to sing, Guy commented “There is a lot of holding of notes”. She needed to take care of that part.

Groovy vs. Emotional: “Blue Suede Shoes” vs. “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

The first to sing was Shanae. Again the opening lines from her caught all the attention from the whole crowd. She was doing just like she was asked by Guy Sebastian. She did make it tough for Guy Sebastian to make her go home. Very soon Robbie came on the stage and changed the decorum of the whole auditorium by his fun song.

The Winner: Robbie Rocks the Stage

He was dancing on the stage, entertaining the whole crowd in the auditorium. People could’nt believe that Shanae was not here to audition. Rita commented, “I think you actually did it.” Rita commented on Robbie saying “The up-tempo did great tonight.” 

Now, Guy started commenting on Shanae’s performance saying “The first and last lines were the delicate lines”. It was his favourite line of her whole performance. Guy Sebastian loved the show from Robbie. But, it was time for Guy to choose and he chose Robbie. 

First Round – Team Jess

The duel chosen by Jessica Mauboy was between The Bushwackers and Ezra. She believed they were the connection from the past. The song Jessica chose for The Bushwackers was “The Dumb Things” by Paul Kelly. When The Bushwackers gave their demo before Jessica, she said this song is full of grit, intense, and dark.

Jessica’s Connection from the Past: The Bushwackers vs. Ezra

That is what Jessica Mauboy want to hear. The song chosen for Ezra was “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar. Ezra went into shock when she heard the song’s name and said “That is a rock song!” This was surely not into her category. When Ezra gave her demo before Jessica, she commented to turn Ezra’s fierceness and her sass into vulnerability. 

The first to perform was Ezra Williams. She was on the stage trying hard to impress Jessica Mauboy. Her opening lines caught the attention of all the viewers and Jessica as well. Ezra was moving around the stage and singing with her heart out because it was a rock song.

Intense vs. Fierce: “The Dumb Things” vs. “Love is a Battlefield”

Now, it was time for The Bushwackers to come onto the stage. The song from these guys changed the whole emotion in the room. Jessica was enjoying listening to the group. Rita commented, “You guys are so different but, both so special.” Dobe and Roger from The Bushwackers showed great energy. 

Now, Jessica started commenting on their performance. She commented on Ezra saying “You are super fierce and I do not think you know that and I just think you are incredible and amazing.” For Dobe and Roger Jessica Mauboy commented, “You really are characters and such incredible personalities and, standing beside you I felt so elevated and wise”.

A Unique Twist: The Bushwackers’ Surprise Decision

Now, it was time for Jessica and before making her decision, one of the members from The Bushwackers said “I don’t want to interrupt Jess, but I think we can make it easier for you”. He said the people who were going to come further in the show were people who were just beginning their career journey.

So The Bushwackers decided that Jessica needed Ezra in her battle team. Everyone in the auditorium went emotional instantly. The group said this was about the future and they were doing it for Ezra. The whole crowd stood up and gave a standing ovation for The Bushwackers. Before leaving the group sang “I am Australia” which happens to be their iconic performance. 

First Round – Team Rita

Rita’s Toxic Challenge: Giselle vs. Ben

The duel selected by Rita was between her youngest artists Giselle and Ben. Rita chose “Toxic” for Giselle. Rita asked Giselle to sing the song in her way during her demo period. When she finished her trial before Rita, she commented I just want to find that moment at the end of you.

Britney Spears vs. Confidence: “Toxic” vs. “Baby One More Time”

Giselle revealed, that it is quite scary for her to perform a song that everyone knows and she had to sing it her way. Rita chose “Baby One More Time” for Ben. Ben was surprised by the song selection as it did not fall into his category. After Ben gave his trial, Rita asked him to look up and look confident. 

The first to perform was Giselle. Jessica Mauboy was shocked hearing the opening lines from this youngest contestant on the show. We do have to agree with the fact that, her lows and ups were amazing. All the superstar coaches could not believe what was happening before them. Soon, Ben came up to the stage for his performance. His song was quite hip-hop-type and moved the whole crowd.

Rita’s Choice: Giselle Shines

He was also taking the song to another level using his singing skills. Guy was the first one to comment saying both of them looked confident. Guy said he was quite satisfied with the singing from Giselle as she sang Britney Spears according to herself. He felt the voice was so natural. 

Rita commented on Giselle saying “It was a great commitment, great performance, and you should be really proud of that.” On the other hand, Rita was quite happy and satisfied with the confidence that came out from Ben while he was singing. But, it was time for Rita to choose who could stay and who had to go home. She chose Giselle and Ben had to go home. Yes, Giselle is surely an amazing performer who could give good challenges to others. 

Round 2 – Team Jess

Jess’s Emotional Duel: Sean vs. Shyjana

The next duel from Team Jess was between the emotional singer Sean and pop star singer Shyjana. For Sean, Jessica Mauboy chose “Leave A Light On” by Tom Walker. Sean believed that this song was quite high for him and it would be difficult for him to sing.

For Shyjana, Jessica Mauboy chose “People Help the People” by Birdy. Shyjana believes the song is very emotionally charged and that is what she had to perform.

High Notes vs. Pop-Star Magic: “Leave A Light On” vs. “People Help the People”

The first to perform on the stage was Shyjana. This song chosen by Jessica Mauboy was full of emotions and that is what Shyjana was trying to portray. On the other hand, his performance from Sean was full of energy. He took the whole crowd to another level with his singing skills. All the coaches were quite happy and satisfied with his performance. 

Jessica Mauboy commented on Shyjana’s performance saying “Whatever song I give you, you give your best” On the other hand, the comment she made on Sean was “I think that was the best performance I have seen you perform on this stage.”

Now, it was time for Jessica to choose who would stay and she chose Shyjana. Unfortunately, Sean had to go home. Now, Team Jess has all the final contestants in her team and she was happy with each and every performance. 

Round 2 – Team Guy

Guy’s Bruno Mars Showdown: Jaydean vs. Michaela

The duel that was going to come from Team Guy was between Jaydean and Michaela. The artist he chose for both of them to sing was Bruno Mars. Guy chose “When I Was Your Man” for Michaela and she looked happy. Guy Sebastian gave hand notes to Michaela so that she could use them for further practice.

Slow Emotion vs. Hip-Hop Energy: “When I Was Your Man” vs. “Leave the Door Open”

Guy Sebastian asked Michaela to get all the emotions that the song was trying to say. He chose “Leave the door open” for Jaydean, an amazing song choice. The demo class from Jaydean did go nice but, Guy asked him never to drop off.

Michaela was the first to come on the stage to perform her song. She really did change her category from one to another. Her song was slow and full of emotions which Michaela was doing amazingly. Soon Jaydean came up to the stage with his sexy and hip-hop song.

Guy’s Pick: Jaydean’s Stage Dominance

His opening lines caught the attention of all the superstar judges in the show. The crowd went crazy looking at the performance from Jaydean. Jessica commented “Just exquisite song and perform from both of you.” 

Guy Sebastian did not comment much on their performance. He only said, “I respect both of you and your performances.” But, it was time for Guy Sebastian to choose who could stay with him and who had to go home. Guy Sebastian chose Jaydean and unfortunately, Michaela had to go home. The top six contestants of Team Guy are now completed. 

Round 2 – Team Rita

Rita’s Battle of the Voices: Nick vs. Emily

The duel that was going to come onto the stage was between Nick and Emily. The song Rita chose for Emily was “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton. Rita’s coaching lesson for Emily was not to approach this song like a typical cover. For Nick, Rita chose “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen. Rita wanted lots of energy and power from Nick and the song she had chosen for him. Rita believes whoever has the wild factor will be choosing that contestant on her team.

Emotional Ballad vs. Groovy Guitar: “I Will Always Love You” vs. “Last Night”

It was Emily who came up first in the show to perform. Her song was beautifully going with her voice and it felt like the song was made for her. We do have to agree that, the song given to Emily by Rita was well-practised. Very soon, Nick came up to the stage for his song and he came with a guitar.

He was using his guitar to make sound and it was going very well with the song. The song was very groovy and it moved the whole auditorium. Jason started commenting on Emily’s performance saying “The performance was not bad and I figured out what is special about Emily”. For Nick he commented, “You sang it like low-key but, I wanted it to be high whenever you came up to the show.”

Rita’s Decision: Emily’s Heartfelt Performance

Rita appraised both the singers who came up to the stage. She said she loved the performance from both but, she had to choose only one participant who could be on her team. Rita chose Emily and unfortunately, Nick had to go home. With this, Team Rita has completed her Top 6 performers and they will be competing further in the series. 

Round 2 – Team Jason

The duel chosen by Jason Derulo was between Alex and Callum. Both of them were good competitors. Jason Derulo contacted their biggest fans and they would reveal which songs they would perform on the The Ultimate Callback stage. It was Alex’s nanny who was on a video call with Jason Derulo and she revealed his song “Dream On”.

Jason’s Ultimate High Notes Challenge: Alex vs. Callum

Alex gave a short demo of the song and Jason gave him some lectures on his high notes. It was Callum’s mother on a video call with Jason Derulo and she gave “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. It was quite tough for Callum to pick up this song that his mother chose. His superstar coach asked him to sing the last line with the octave high-up.

Dream On vs. Don’t Want to Miss a Thing: Nanny vs. Mother’s Choices

Alex was the one to perform first on the stage. After he started singing, Alex gave an amazing performance. It felt like an original song that was coming out from him. When the high notes came in all the superstar coaches were amazed and shocked.

The Unexpected Decision: Jason Takes Both to the Battles

Very soon Callum joined the stage for his performance. His song was quite low and emotional but, he also gave an amazing challenge to both Alex and Jason. He was making it hard for Jason to who could go home and who could stay on his team.

This was the last performance of the episode and Jason shouted “Australia Did you all see that?” Rita felt very satisfied with the performance from Alex. Rita also said “the musical lessons came through” for Callum. 

Jason Derulo made some positive comments about both singers. It surely made a hard time for him to choose who could stay and whom to knock out. Now, it was time for Jason to choose who could stay and who could not. Jason said “I am going to take both of you to the battles.”

Yes, you heard that right and it was going to happen for the very first time. The host of the show asked the executive producer and he gave a green light. However, they had to go through a three-way battle further and everyone agreed to it. Everyone was happy and that ended the night.