Tyler Turner Bio/Wiki – If you have followed up on The Amazing Race Canada then you will surely know who Tyler Turner is. He is a 35-year-old professional athlete from Calgary. Currently, this professional athlete lives in Comox Valley, B.C. Tyler Turner is currently participating in the ninth season of The Amazing Race Canada. 

He loves doing lots of fun activities and is quite active at various sporting events. He is a double-leg amputee who has participated in the Beijing 2022 Para Snowboard and has won both Gold and Bronze medals.

If you are demotivated and are willing to do something in your life then take a short glimpse of Tyler Turner’s life and what he has achieved it will definitely motivate you. 

Tyler Turner’s Net Worth 

Tyler has earned a good name and fame for himself. Due to his occupation many people from across the country know him. According to some sources, the estimated net worth of Tyler Turner is approximately between $1-5 million. 

Yes, he is making lots of money by promoting, participating in different sporting events, visiting different events, and many more. Interestingly, participants on The Amazing Race Canada are not sent home without making some payments. 


Tyler Turner is a fitness freak who loves sharing knowledge with people regarding health and wellness. Being an athlete he loves to stay healthy and fit. He encourages all the young generation to eat healthy food and not do something that could harm their body. 

When it comes to his lifestyle, he is very energetic and is always into some outdoor activities. If you check out his official Instagram handle then you will see lots of posts where he is either swimming, scuba diving, boat riding, and many more. 


Tyler is a Canadian para-snowboarder who has competed in the SB-LL 1 category. He has even won a gold medal in the men’s snowboard cross SB-LL1 event at the 2022 Winter Paralympics. 

If you happen to visit his home then you will see lots of medals tied up against the wall. This time his focus is on winning the ninth season of The Amazing Race Canada along with his partner. 


  • Tyler has won a gold medal in the 2021 Lillehammer Team Event 
  • He is a double-leg amputee 
  • He is a world champion in para-snowboarder 

Kayleen Vanderee Bio/Wiki

Kayleen Vanderee is a 31-year-old Commercial Scuba Diver. She hails from Comox Valley, B.C. She is a very competitive and one of the most adventurous competitors in the ninth season of The Amazing Race Canada. Looking at her energy and dedication we are sure there is a huge chance for her to win the latest season of The Amazing Race Canada. 

When it comes to her personal life she is currently patched up with Tyler. The fans of the show are very happy and motivated for this couple. Both the contestant are two months into their relationship. 

Kayleen Net Worth 

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact figure of her total net worth of Kayleen as of now. But, we can assume that the average pay for a commercial scuba diver in Canada ranges between $62,334 to $100,000. The average hourly payment for such professionals in the country is $30 an hour. 

Interestingly, other than her normal or professional income all the participants of The Amazing Race are paid a certain amount to be on the show. If the couple wins the finale of this season then they will receive a huge and astonishing prize. 


Her lifestyle is quite similar to Turner’s as she loves going for adventurous rides. If you have followed her official Instagram account then we can see her doing numerous adventurous activities. 

We can see her climbing rocks, swimming, playing tennis, riding a bike, scuba diving, and many more. Her lifestyle is surely very exciting and motivating at the same. 


Kayleen is a professional commercial scuba diver. It might sound easy but, the job of a scuba diver is not very easy. Now, commercial scuba divers are responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining underwater structures. 


  • She has a YouTube account “All About Sailing”
  • She also has a Liveaboard Sailing Podcast