Big Brother 25 is set to air approximately 42 episodes and it will air three episodes a week. The show has already aired four outstanding episodes for the viewers. The first contestant to leave Big Brother 25 was Luke Valentine.

He was evicted because he used the N-word in a conversation with Jared Fields. He is the only black man in the house.

This was where all the houseguests thought that there will be no eviction as Luke was sent home but, the official revealed that the elimination process would still happen. 

All the contestants were surprised by this decision and it was also revealed to them that there were no changes in the show’s weekly procedure.

Big Brother 25 Eviction List 2023

More than 30 days of Big Brother 25 has already been completed and some amazing contestants have already gone home. Unfortunately, this is a part of the competition show and that is what is being followed by all the contestants. Here are the contestants and their details of who have been evicted from the show so far:-

Name Age Hometown Day exited 
Luke Valentine 30Coral Springs8
Kirsten Elwin 25Houston9
Reilly Smedley 24Nashville16
Hisam Goueli 45Seattle 23
Jag Bains 25Omak 30
Big Brother 25 Eviction List 2023

Big Brother 25 Eliminated Contestants List 

Now, BB25 elimination today results – Here are the eliminated contestants list of from BB25 :

  • Luke Valentine 
  • Kirsten Elwin 

These two are the only contestants who have been eliminated from Big Brother 25.

Who is the Remaining Cast of Big Brother 25 (2023)? 

Here is the remaining cast of Big Brother 25 2023:-

  • Bowie Jane 
  • Cameron Hardin 
  • Cory Wurtenberger 
  • Cirie Fields 
  • Felicia Cannon 
  • Hisam Goueli 
  • Izzy Gleicher 
  • Jared Fields 
  • Jag Bains 
  • Mecole Hayes 
  • Matt Klotz 
  • Reilly Smedley 
  • Red Utley 
  • America Lopez 

Who is the Head of Household for Week 2? 

The first week’s Head of Household was taken by none other than Reilly Smedley. Now, the fourth episode of the show did not go as it was expected. Head of Household is decided mostly at the end of the episode but, this time it was something else.

The end of the fourth episode saw the houseguests disappear into the “Scary-verse”. Moreover, we will see who won Head of Household in Sunday’s episode. 

Latest Updates – Big Brother 25 Elimination News Today

It was the ninth day and the houseguests were playing in overdrive, there are lots of alliances but the house appears to be divided. There was a large alliance of younger houseguests, who may have underestimated the elders. It was Felicia and Kirsten who were up for nomination and Kirsten was the target. 

The house was pretty much decided that Kirsten was going home. Further, it was time for nominees to plead their case to the House in the hopes of not being evicted. In the end, with a vote of 13-0, Kirsten was evicted from the Big Brother house. 

While going she revealed that, she feels most betrayed by Cirie. This is because she knows, the private conversations she had with Cirie shared with Reilly.

Big Brother 25 Voting Process Online 

Here is the voting process of Big Brother 25:-

  • Visit the official website of CBS Big Brother and search for vote option
  • Access the voting platform using your device
  • Now you need to cast your vote for your favourite houseguests based on the instructions provided
  • You need to keep in mind that data charges may apply if you are voting using a mobile device 

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