Modes of Voting for The Voice Season 24 

The Voice just started its 24th season and it has already aired four episodes so far. Many contestants came into the show and have already booked their place for further competition.

Fans and viewers are surely very excited to see new contestants come on the show and give their blind auditions. New watchers of the show will wonder what are the different modes of voting for The Voice season 24

According to The Voice’s official website NBC, there are two modes of voting and they are: the website and The Voice Official app.

Yes, you get two methods and among these two fans can vote using only one. Before you cast your vote for the favorite contestant on the show, you need to follow a series of rules and regulations. These two methods are very easy methods. On the other hand, one must know who and from where voters can participate. 

Further in this show, we are going to talk about how to vote for The Voice season 24, when will voting start, from which episode voting will start, and the voting window for The Voice season 24.

How to Vote for The Voice Season 24? 

To cast your vote for your favorite contestant on the show is very easy. It is only easier when you follow all the steps properly and make no mistakes in it. Currently, viewers or fans of the show surely do not have the option to cast their vote as the show is in its initial stages and airing blind auditions.

You can cast your vote for your favorite artist on the show using any of the two methods given below. Here are the steps of how one can vote for The Voice season 24:-

For website:-

  • The first step in using the website is to visit the official website of the show. 
  • You are required to create a profile on the official webpage of the production company 
  • After you have successfully created a profile it is now time to choose the artist you are willing to vote 
  • Now, assign that artist the number of votes you are willing to give and then click on the “Cast your vote” option
  • The number of votes that you have provided will be successfully sent and the system allows 10 votes per email address

For app:-

  • The official app of The Voice is available on PlayStore which you need to download 
  • After you have successfully downloaded the app you need to choose which artist you are willing to vote 
  • After you have chosen the artist it is now time for you to cast your vote for that particular artist 
  • After you are done make sure to click on the submit button this method also allows users to cast up to 10 votes and not more than that 

When Does Voting Start This Year? 

The 24th season of The Voice started with lots of energy and amazing performances from suitable artists. We are sure this brand new season of the singing competition show is going to be very exciting.

Unfortunately, we do not have a date for when the official voting for The Voice season 24 will start this year. Additionally, the show is currently in its initial stages and has only aired four episodes. 

Moreover, the voting of the singing competition franchise normally begins after two months of its premiere. The fans and viewers of the show will need to have a little patience and wait after all the blind auditions are completed and the show moves a little ahead.

On Which Episode Voting Will Start for The Voice? 

The voting for The Voice normally starts during the challenge phases. It starts when participants from each team start to eliminate. It all depends on how the show moves ahead and there is no fixed date for that. 

For The Voice season 24, we are going to experience the same thing. The voting will start after all the blind auditions are completed. Then the further decisions regarding voting will be decided by the officials of the show.

America’s next great voice is selected not by the superstar coaches but, by the public vote that the artists in the show receive from all across the country.

Voting Rules on The Voice Season 24

  • Voting lines are closed on the day of the show’s grand finale, and any votes submitted during that period will not be considered.
  • The Voice contestants are eligible for votes exclusively from U.S. citizens by birth. Each account can vote for up to three contestants per participant.
  • Voters under 18 years old are required to secure consent from their parents or the account holder to cast their votes.
  • Voting With the help of Bots & Artificial Intelligence will be discarded & user will be banned from voting.