LMN’s new thriller genre movie, Danger Lurking Under My Roof is all about a story of a suspicious woman who is eager to search for her missing daughter.

She thinks that her two new neighbors might be the ones involved in her daughter’s missing case. The movie has been directed by John Murlowski and written by Carina Rodney. The entire movie was filmed in California, particularly in and around Los Angeles. 

When is the release date of Danger Lurking Under My Roof

Danger Lurking Under My Roof has a release date of August 10th 2023 on Lifetime. Lifetime is a cable channel and subscribers of this channel can view the movie at 8pm ET. Additionally, a live stream of the movie can be found on Philo (free trial basis), DirecTV Stream (free trial), and many more.

The free trial basis will only work for those people who are not a registered account holder of that particular streaming platform. 

Streaming Platforms 

Mentioned below are the streaming platforms where you will be able to watch the movie, ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof’:

  • Philo 
  • DirecTV Stream 
  • Sling 

How To Access The Movie 

The movie is going to premiere on Lifetime where its subscribers can watch the movie without any advertisement hindrances. Other platforms like Philo, DirecTV Stream, and Sling will stream the movie but it will only be accessible for new users only for free on a free trial basis. Users who have an active subscription can also watch the movie on the streaming platforms. 

LMN Best Movie to Watch Free On Youtube

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Who Are Actors For Danger Lurking Under My Roof, cast?

Kristi Murdock as Roxanne Robinson 

Kristi is the lead character in the movie who will be portraying the role of Roxanne, a mother who has just had her child go missing. Her daughter mysteriously disappears and she needs to find her as soon as possible before it  is too late. 

James Hyde 

James Hyde is a renowned actor and his character is still not disclosed. Fans and followers of the actor can expect that he may have a pivotal role in the movie. 

Noemi VanSlyke as Macie Robinson 

Noemi will be playing the role of Roxanne’s daughter in the movie. The entire storyline is based on her disappearance and it will be an edge of the seat experience for the viewers how the story of her disappearance ends up. 

how to watch Danger Lurking Under My Roof
  • Amelie Anstett as Lucy 
  • Grace Aubry as Sasha 
  • Alisha Ricardi as Ella 
  • Brian Robert Burns as John Carter 

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Are There Any Subscriptions or Rental Options to watch Danger Lurking Under My Roof?

Philo, Sling, and DirecTV are the platforms where viewers will be able to watch the movie. Users having an active subscription will be able to watch and those who are new to platforms like Philo and Sling can watch it on a free trial basis. Users of the mentioned streaming services who have exhausted their free trial would have to subscribe first to watch the movie. 


Danger Lurking Under My Roof is going to be a thriller movie which thriller lovers would want to watch and see how the story goes. With an interesting plot, viewers would love to find out what happens with Noemi  Vansyke who plays the role of the daughter.

Viewers will also get a sense of what a mother will do to see her child safe in her arms. So, all in all it is going to be thrilling as well as a touch of emotional rollercoaster. 


When does the movie premiere?

Ans: The movie is going to premiere on August 10th, 2023 at 8pm ET on Lifetime.