The bright music star Jade Taunton belongs to Western Australia. She is an Australian singer. Currently, she is a contestant on The Voice Australia Season 12 in 2023.

She grew up in a musical family. Music has always been her passion.

The Voice of Australia gives her a chance to make her beautiful vision of the music industry come true. During the period of the blind audition, Jade gives her beautiful performance of the inner rendition of “Landside” by Fleetwood Mac.

And she turns all four chairs away from the coaches and gets a standing ovation from the audience for her performance on the “Landside”.

The Emotional Story of Jade Taunton

Jade Taunton told her emotional story in her voice. When she sang “Landside” by Fleetwood Mac, she told all her emotions that belonged to her childhood. Actually, she grew up with her sister. Her sister has cerebral palsy. And she didn’t get a childhood.

She is growing up quite quickly, and she grew up caring for her whole life, and it takes her a moment to take a step back. After that, she realized she needed to move away and start her life. Jade Taunton stated, “I didn’t know who I was as a person.” Her emotional story makes everyone feel proud of her.

Jade Taunton, The Voice Audition

Jade Taunton belongs to Western Australia. In the voice audition, she performed “Landside” by Fleetwood Mac in the blind audition. She is spreading all her emotions in her performance.

When she sang, she remembered her childhood and put all her effort into making the audience cheer.

That performance also makes judges say yes. And Jessica Mauboy came to the stage and gave her a comforting hug.

The Voice Australia will give a kickstart to her career in the music industry. She is a young singer who is ready to fulfill her dream.

Jade Taunton Blind Auditions : What Judges Said?

After hearing her beautiful song, Jessica Mauboy came to the stage and comforted her, gave her a hug, and said, “Are you good? And you turned all the chairs.” And she smiled very brightly.

Guy Sebastian gives her a perfect explanation of her song and says, Your song touches the hearts of the listeners.” And she told her story to the auditioners and judges.

After the guy, Sebastian says, “I’m excited to hear you.” Jessica Mauboy connected with Jade’s story instantly.

And she told her “She took me to a whole other place with her vocals”. Jessica Mauboy chose Jade to tell her to join Team Jessica.

Jason Derulo gets mesmerized by her saying that Jade Taunton is brave enough to express her emotions to the performer.

Rita Ora praised the connection of emotions that she made while performing, and she got all four coaches’ yeses.

Jade Taunton’s Age, Bio, Wiki, and Early Life

Jade Taunton, who was born in the 2000s, is a 23-year-old Australian singer who lives in Western Australia.

She takes care of her sister, who has cerebral palsy. Jade Taunton grew up with her sister, and her great-grandfather was a radio singer, and his name is Kevin Waugh.

Jade Taunton always found her escape from reality through music. She didn’t get a childhood, but she moved away and started her life. She is hoping all her sacrifices will make her shine in the voice.