Who is Tiarose Burgess? The Artist Who Sung Rich Girl

Tiarose’s blind audition moved all the people present in the auditorium. She looked just fine while giving her auditions, it seemed like this was her moment and she was waiting for it for a long time. Her voice was just another level and the reaction from the audience and the superstar judges said it all.

Her audition song was “Rich Girl” by Hall and Dates. After she started singing her audition song, all the superstar coaches were quite desperate to know who was the brilliant voice singing. There was a little giggle between Guy and Jessica. Interestingly, both of them put their hands on the red button to chair turn.

NameTiarose Burgess
Audition Song“Rich Girl” by Hall and Dates
Audition ReactionJudges’ reaction and only Jessica Mauboy turned
Judges’ CommentsPositive comments from Jessica Mauboy and Guy
Karaoke Master ExperienceTiarose is a Karaoke master from Newcastle
Age20 years old
HometownCentral Coast, New South Wales
Net WorthNet worth not specified; average Karaoke host earns approximately $31.67 in Australia
Team in The Voice Australia Season 12Jessica Mauboy’s team
Tirarose Burgess Bio – The Voice Au

According to other contestants on the show and in the blind auditions, It took quite some time for a judge to chair turn. After nearly a minute and ten seconds, Jessica Mauboy was the first one to press the button and chair turn. By then the audition time was already over and it was only Jessica Mauboy who turned her chair for Tiarose Burgess. 

Unfortunately, this was not what Tiarose was expecting when she came for the blind auditions.

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Jessica found the unique vocal – Judges’ Reaction 

Now, it was time for all the coaches to comment on her audition. It was Jessica Mauboy who asked her about what is her name and where she was from. After a short introduction, Jessica Mauboy said “Lucky me, because I am the only one who turned.”

She further added that “You have a very unique vocal, it was so so super cool and I am so excited as a coach and whatever I can give the experience.” Jessica would be honored to give her all she wants as a coach to further stay in the show.

Guy said, “I love your voice”. Sebastian was not being able to understand what type of voice Tiarose had so he was expecting from country and pop. He said that her voice had some beautiful country inflexions and it did not just tip him and that is why he did not turn his chair. 

Being a Karaoke Master, Tiarose revealed that she always has to watch other people come up on the stage and look at them sing. But, this stage was her first shot and it was the first time when she was singing and other people were listening. When she was asked “What’s the most important job as a karaoke master?” from Guy Sebastian she replied “Volume”. 

Yes, excitingly there was a Karaoke Master session between Guy Sebastian and the other three coaches. Just like a karaoke master, Tiarose introduces Guy Sebastian, and it was Guy Sebastian who was singing before the whole audience. The voice was just amazing from Guy Sebastian.

While he was singing, the whole crowd was waving their hands. Now, it was time for Jessica to come up on the stage and perform. She just put the stage on fire with her amazing singing skills. The whole crowd was singing with her and it was just an amazing environment. 

Tiarose Burgess Bio, Wiki, & Net Worth

Tiarose is a 20-year-old amazing Australian singer who hails from Central Coast, New South Wales. While her blind auditions, she revealed to the coaches that she is a Karaoke master in Newcastle. 

Now, as per her net worth, we do not have an exact figure but, on average a Karaoke host earns approximately $31.67 in Australia. This will depend on the experience gained by the host, the more experience you have the better salary structure you will receive from an organization. 

In Which Team Tiarose Burgess is? 

Tiarose gave her best in the blind auditions of The Voice Australia season 12. Unfortunately, only Jessica Mauboy turned her chair for her at the end. This forced Tiarose to join her team automatically so, Tiaose Burgess is in Jessica Mauboy’s team.